happy valentine’s day

so i got to talk to dave a few times today. kentucky is cold, but it sounds like he’s doing well. he enjoyed the valentine i packed in his suitcase… here are a few photos…

each page in the album is a small coin envelope. the front of each envelope is covered in patterned paper and reads "you have loved me." then each envelope contains a little red card with a photo on the front and on the back which finishes the "you have loved me…" thought.

i miss him.

2 thoughts on “happy valentine’s day

  1. Beautiful work as always, Tamara. You should have seen Uncle Jon’s gift. It is a seven pound jar of heinz ketchup…yep, full. It seemed the right gift for the right holiday! :)

  2. that’s a very cute idea tam…i’m sorry you didn’t get to see your loved one on the stinking holiday that honors just that! dumb huh? the one day to celebrate love and you don’t get to see him…looks like we’re kind of in the same boat. but not really, we’re just on the same dock. there, i like that one. happy v-day!–cami

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