basket o goodness

here’s my basket of mini albums that sits in my living room.

when i first put it there (sometime last year) i had two friends that would come over to visit and plop down ON THE FLOOR (the basket is right next to a comfortable arm chair) and dig through the albums. even now, when the come over i get asked "do you have any new albums i haven’t seen yet?" i love the encouragement and excitement i get from my  friends about my creations. i love that satisfaction knowing that my work is being appreciated.
by the way – my new "thankfu" (aka: thanksgiving) album is NOW in the basket but it wasn’t at the time of this photo.

2 thoughts on “basket o goodness

  1. tam, i love all of your albums. they’re so cute and very inspiring. loved looking at them and just hanging out on saturday. we need to meet with the council again! haha! good times!

  2. Thanks to you and Dave for a nice, relaxing evening on Saturday. We loved having “grown-up” pizza, not just pepperoni. :) I had fun looking through your Italy album…I don’t think I’d ever gotten to browse through it slowly before. Have a good week!

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