baby sales

so last weekend i went on a little shopping spree. here are some fun baby things i purchased: a diaper bag at the carter’s outlet:

(side note: i’m so glad i found this bag. i was looking at something *similar* to it, though not a diaper bag – just a messenger bag. but this was 1/3 of the cost of the bag i thought i might want. good deal. and dave even likes it!!)

and some cute clothing from gymboree, carter’s outlet and the gap:
(i must confess, i bought about 20 onesies on saturday and some sleepers and a few other little baby clothing goodies… i just couldn’t resist…. SO CUTE and such GOOD sales)!

and here are some cute metal letters i found on clearance at target:

and last, but definitely NOT least, Dave bought this while he was in Kentucky for his business trip last week:

so thanks for taking a peek at my shopping spree. i also bought a bunch of maternity clothing that day, but i’ll post those pictures another time!

3 thoughts on “baby sales

  1. Tam i love it ALL! You’re going to have the best dressed baby around. =) I especially love the diaper bag. So super cute! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Such cute stuff Tam. I want that diaper bag. And Carter’s onesies are the BEST. Especially if baby Seven ends up with a big noggin like his/her buddy Markus. Can’t wait to see your maternity stuff too!

  3. That diaper bag is TOO cute! I want it! I registered for and got one that I thought I would really like, but as life has gone on I realized I really wanted one that had a strap I could put across my chest. I’ve been using the freebie ones from the hospital, but they just don’t hold up very well. Soon I will have to go back to the ginormous one I got from my registry. Wish I’d seen this one!

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