another mini album

so this morning i was a good girl and i cleaned our home (well, the downstairs, anyway) in preparation for having company for dinner tomorrow night so i was able to spend my afternoon CRAFTING away in my room. i started by CLEANING… i put away all the stuff i had spread out everywhere. i even went through my "photos to scrap" file and pulled out and "hid" all the ones i’ve been avoiding for several years (yep. it’s true) and now i know what photos i’m working with for the next few weeks/months AND what photos i haven’t even printed yet (like Christmas)!

then it was time to get my hands dirty. i pulled out my HUGE stack of thanksgiving photos (our trip to my mom’s house, Philly and NYC) and felt totally overwhelmed. then i decided to make a mini album since i haven’t made one in awhile and from there, the hours flew by. i used some new Crate paper i got for Christmas from my wonderful husband b/c the colors were PERFECT. it’s mostly finished – i need to print (or reprint) a few photos and i need to add a little more journaling here and there, but i’d say it’s 90% complete… so here’s a peek:
it took a bit longer than i had expected, but i’m pleased with the results and i’m ready to add it to my basket of mini albums in my living room!

One thought on “another mini album

  1. OOOooo! Tam, I LOVE the idea of putting your mini books in a basket in the living room! I’ve been trying to figure out what to do with minibooks once they’re completed. Great idea! Thanks!

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