alone on friday

dave has my new camera in kentucky this week (he did ASK to borrow it) so i’m left with my "old" camera which is perfectly fine…. well, it was before i got the new, better model! and even though i’ve created some stuff this week (my pregnancy journal and a mini book for the store), i’ll wait until dave returns with my "good" camera to take photos. so in the meantime, since i miss dave, here’s a photo i pulled from our archives…. it was taken on New Years Eve 2005… just a few hours before 2006 arrived! we were in the back of a large limo on our way to or from dinner with a bunch of friends. it’s not as "glamorous" as it sounds. the limo it really more like a 6-door mini van, only lower to the ground. we crammed everyone in there and blind Tim drove us to the restaurant in lynden. it was a fun, fun night and we owe it all to our hosts: Brant and Trisha Baron.

2 thoughts on “alone on friday

  1. Hearing about Dave gone on business brings back memories of Jim’s past travels…B.K. (before kids) I would just pack up and go to my mom and dad’s. Don’t know if they ever got sick of me…they never said! I always thought it was kind of fun (of course, I didn’t have to cook, which always scores BIG points with me!). Hang in there!

  2. hey beautiful and baby seven…i’m sorry you miss your camera. and your husband too. i’ve always wanted to ride around in a limo…maybe you and i should sometime, but in a nicer one than you rode in. talk to ya soon. love you!

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