27 hours of scrapping

yep. i’m home now from my 27-hour crop. i left about 75 minutes early, so it wasn’t a full 27-hours  long for me, but you get the idea. i created 10 or 11 one-page layouts, 1 two-page layout and i started another 2-page layout before deciding that i had hit the wall. i slept for 6 hours at Shawn’s house (I slept soundly, too, except when one of her cats wanted to play so kept "batting" at my face with her paw!). i’m very, very tired now, though. however, i’m VERY glad i attended the event and here’s a photo of shawn and i bright and early this morning (with fresh make-up and looking cute and a bit rested)…. maybe some photos of the layouts will be posted later this week!

4 thoughts on “27 hours of scrapping

  1. I am so proud of you. You were so productive! I am glad you had a good time and I hope you are able to rest a whole bunch today and get a great nights sleep tonight!

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