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spoiled says it all. our little baby seven – not yet born – is one very spoiled baby. momma (me) has been picking up things here and there as good sales are found. daddy buys baby things while on business trips. grandpa and grandma (dave’s parents) gave us a bag of blankets that used to belong to dave (and a sweater and two baby hats – one is the one he wore coming home from the hospital! it’s so tiny). aunt rachel bought a book and a puzzle for baby seven. crib bedding has been ordered (even though there’s no crib yet!). and today we came home from a long day at work to find a box on our porch addressed to "BABY DUNKIN." yep. not to dave. not to me. just to the baby.

nannah (my mom) has continued to stay VERY BUSY on the knitting/crocheting end of things. you may remember the yellow sweater, blanket and bonnet set she sent for my birthday? today baby seven received a white set. and apparently an aqua set is next on her "to make" list. the box also included three hand puppets (with squeakers in them), a prayer book (where the parents write in their prayers for their child) and a frame with the reminder verse in philippian (I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me). here are some photos:

yep. baby seven is spoiled. very spoiled. but at least there’s a large population of family and friends ready to love this little baby into this world!

THANK YOU, NANNAH, for Baby Seven’s first package!!!

and i’m working on creating some thank you cards (from baby seven) for all these fun goodies baby seven keeps receiving from people!  :)

belly week 16

so a few days late, here are my belly week 16 photos:

check out the "width" of my pants in that front view shot… i’m getting wider for sure! my belly DEFINITELY gets larger at night, but i’m trying to take these photos around the 5 or 6 o’clock hour every 4 weeks for a more "solid" comparison.


as promised, here are some photos of some of the layouts i created this weekend. i’ll post a few today and a few later this week… we’ll try to get ‘em all on here for your viewing pleasure. i love the layouts i created this weekend – all of them (yes, Shawn, even the one titled "blow"). so hopefully you like these, too. (oh – i apologize for the less than stellar photos – i’m too lazy to sit and scan & stitch them all, so photos will have to do! also, i still have to add the date on most of the layouts; REMEMBER TO CLICK ON THE PHOTO/LAYOUT SO YOU CAN SEE IT LARGER/MORE CLEARLY)

  tam, cami & meg at the whatcom museum (rodin exhibit)
john & babi in philadelphia (from the art museum)
tom’s 18th birthday
cute henry wrapped up in daddy’s coat to keep him warm
tam and her favorite snowshoe activity (eating snow)!

27 hours of scrapping

yep. i’m home now from my 27-hour crop. i left about 75 minutes early, so it wasn’t a full 27-hours  long for me, but you get the idea. i created 10 or 11 one-page layouts, 1 two-page layout and i started another 2-page layout before deciding that i had hit the wall. i slept for 6 hours at Shawn’s house (I slept soundly, too, except when one of her cats wanted to play so kept "batting" at my face with her paw!). i’m very, very tired now, though. however, i’m VERY glad i attended the event and here’s a photo of shawn and i bright and early this morning (with fresh make-up and looking cute and a bit rested)…. maybe some photos of the layouts will be posted later this week!

bad sleeps

man. two nights ago i slept hard, solid and for about 10 hours. then last night… not so well. ugh. i hate it. it’s like every other night i get a good night’s sleep. maybe i’m slowly being prepared to be a mom of a newborn? but last night i kept having all these nightmares about not making it to my 27-hour crop this weekend. it was totally weird. in my dreams (nightmares, i should say), i never actually made it to the event and therefore i accomplished NOTHING. seriously crazy. so i woke up in a bit of a panic this morning about it. gotta get everything all packed and ready to go. i want to accomplish a LOT this weekend. i went through my photos and patterned papers and cardstock earlier this week and matched up a bunch of photos to papers kits. i think i made about 30! so i’ll just pack the rest of my goodies and be on my merry way to (hopefully) creating a lot of beautiful layouts tonight and tomorrow. i am, however, also hoping to get about 7 hours of sleep tonight. good luck, i know. but baby needs it!

and some of you have seen this already, but here’s a link to another blog where there is a photo of me at the LAST 27-hour crop i attended… i was really trying to get the stamp lined up JUST PERFECTLY for Melissa (or Shawn?)…. it was funny…….

(Oh – and for those of you who have been wondering, Dave is doing MUCH better. Yesterday appeared to be the turning point for him. He was up and moving around the house, slowly, but still moving around. He even sat downstairs to watch some TV and a movie for quite awhile – and he finished putting together our new home theater system – well, mostly. So he’s feeling better, for sure. Not 100% yet, but I’m relieved that his fever is down. And Baby Seven and I appear to be perfectly healthy still.)

baby sales

so last weekend i went on a little shopping spree. here are some fun baby things i purchased: a diaper bag at the carter’s outlet:

(side note: i’m so glad i found this bag. i was looking at something *similar* to it, though not a diaper bag – just a messenger bag. but this was 1/3 of the cost of the bag i thought i might want. good deal. and dave even likes it!!)

and some cute clothing from gymboree, carter’s outlet and the gap:
(i must confess, i bought about 20 onesies on saturday and some sleepers and a few other little baby clothing goodies… i just couldn’t resist…. SO CUTE and such GOOD sales)!

and here are some cute metal letters i found on clearance at target:

and last, but definitely NOT least, Dave bought this while he was in Kentucky for his business trip last week:

so thanks for taking a peek at my shopping spree. i also bought a bunch of maternity clothing that day, but i’ll post those pictures another time!

baby joshua

our friends, Brant and Trisha became PARENTS yesterday. Bubba now has a new name… JOSHUA ALAN. He was born around 3:30 p.m. yesterday (2/20/07) and was 19.25 inches long and weighed only 6 lbs. 2 oz. Mother and Baby are doing fine (though I can’t go visit them for fear of sharing Dave’s flu germs) so here are two photos provided by my dear friend Carrilee!

ETA: (okay – photos to be added to this post tomorrow b/c i’m experiencing technical difficulties tonight and dave is already asleep). ETA: HERE THEY ARE (finally):

AND tomorrow I plan/hope to provide you with some photos of the goodies I bought over the weekend AND with some photos of the little "waiting for baby seven" book i created to journal all my thoughts through the next 7 months!!

the flu

yep. it’s the flu. dave has the flu. we took him to the doctor this morning (after he spent all day yesterday in bed) and he now has a prescription for tamiflu. partly for him and partly for me. why for me? because i’m pregnant and i haven’t had a flu shot, so the doctor wants dave’s case to be as mild as possible so baby seven & i can remain as healthy as possible. so no kissing dave for the rest of this week. lots and LOTS of hand washing. and i’ll be the best little nurse i can for my dear dave.

afraid to add

afraid to add? yep. 100% afraid to add up my receipts from Saturday’s adventure(s). my day started bright and early with a solo trip to Old Navy in Everett to buy even MORE maternity clothing. then i met up with carrilee, henry, kelsey and markus at the alderwood mall in lynnwood. the boys played in the play area while the moms (and this mom-to-be) talked and then we were off to claim jumper for lunch:

 about 90-120 minutes and some very full bellys later, our adventure together was not yet over. it was a GORGEOUS day! we walked around outside for awhile (and had our photo taken):

, then back into the mall, then back outside, though we were inside for only a short time, it was long enough to find a sale at Gymboree where i found some DARLING turtle clothing (that now belongs to baby seven). back outside, we continued to walk and talk until the boys were done. they did GREAT throughout the day. it was hard and sad to say goodbye to kelsey and markus, but it was time.

so carrilee, henry and i began our journey home. we had some horrific traffic in everett (ugh) and i forgot to stop at the scrapbook store in lynnwood (i have a $10 gift certificate to use there). but we made it to a rest stop (so henry could eat and we could stretch our legs for a minute). then we were off to burlington to stop at the outlets… where i hit some jackpot sales (for baby seven) at the Gap outlet and the Carter’s outlet. so i came home with a car trunk FULL of goodies, but Baby Seven will be VERY WELL DRESSED, at least for the first 6 months of his or her life!

I’ll be sure to take some photos this week and post them for you. It was a LONG day for me, and I was EXHAUSTED, but it was a very worthwhile day.

And after many delays yesterday, I picked up Dave at the Bellingham Airport (5:45 instead of 3:55 p.m.) and we were reunited. He’s had a fever throughout the day today and has a very sore/scratchy throat, but it’s still good to have him home. I missed him so much.

alone on friday

dave has my new camera in kentucky this week (he did ASK to borrow it) so i’m left with my "old" camera which is perfectly fine…. well, it was before i got the new, better model! and even though i’ve created some stuff this week (my pregnancy journal and a mini book for the store), i’ll wait until dave returns with my "good" camera to take photos. so in the meantime, since i miss dave, here’s a photo i pulled from our archives…. it was taken on New Years Eve 2005… just a few hours before 2006 arrived! we were in the back of a large limo on our way to or from dinner with a bunch of friends. it’s not as "glamorous" as it sounds. the limo it really more like a 6-door mini van, only lower to the ground. we crammed everyone in there and blind Tim drove us to the restaurant in lynden. it was a fun, fun night and we owe it all to our hosts: Brant and Trisha Baron.