today i will… (eta photos)

Today I will hang out with Melissa and make a LOT of WONDERFUL cards to share with my friends and family.

Today I will NOT wear one sock inside-out like I did on Wednesday (though I did wear boots all day, so to my credit, it was hard to know until I took my boots off at the end of the day).

Today I will eat a well-balanced diet for all my meals and snacks.

Today I will do some laundry (in-process right now).

Today I will try to plan the rest of my birthday party details (next Friday night).


I’ll try to add some photos of my new cards later tonight (after I’ve actually made them)!!  :)

5:57 p.m. ETA (edited to add): here are two photos of my cards. I made 13 cards in 4 hours. And I like most of them!!  :)  

Oh yeah – I think I’ll hold on to that last card ("wild about you") for Henry’s birthday.

4 thoughts on “today i will… (eta photos)

  1. Sounds like a great day! I have the laundry thing in common… always :) . Kinda have the birthday party thing in common- heading out the door in a few minutes to Alec’s first birthday party, sans Markus. He is napping with the beginnings of a cold, so he is staying home with Daddy. Not making any cards today. Haven’t made a card in ages. But I bought three at Target today :) . Love you!

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