there’s always a first…

as we all know, there’s always a first time for someone to do something. after working full-time for almost a decade, i did something today that i’ve never done before. i took a nap IN my office ON my floor. i pulled down a decorative pillow from on top of my bookshelf and i pulled out a blanket and before i knew it, it was about 25 minutes later and i had actually fallen asleep (and missed a phone call)! yep. why the heck am i so tired? sheesh! at least i can "function" at bit now at work… hopefully i can hold out for another few hours until we head home! i just thought this was a funny story and that i would share it with my friends. just don’t laugh at me, okay?! 

2 thoughts on “there’s always a first…

  1. belive me that laughing won’t be a problem! and i bet i know why you’re so tired…don’t worry. it comes with the territory. call me sometime…i have some insights on our nursery day last week. much love,

  2. OK – don’t tell anybody, but I’ve napped in my office too…I had a migraine, but…You might want to keep a little inflatable mattress in there or something :) Sleep good tonight!

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