smelly, but done

So yesterday morning I was in the church nursery with a whopping TWO infants and there was only ONE toddler (and we had 4 workers)! You’d think that since I had SEVEN infants the LAST time I was in the nursery, that I’d be in the clear. ‘Cuz NONE of those seven had a dirty or even a wet diaper during my hour with them. But Nope. Not at all. First, Eliana needed a diaper change – thankfully Lisa was around for that. Then Jayson brought in Ellie who needed a change – thankfully he changed her diaper (it’s his daughter, afterall). Then D’andrea (sp?) was SUPER STINKY. With only 5 minutes to go until church was over, we tried to wait it out. See, Megan and I had a deal. I DON’T DO DIAPERS. NOT AT ALL. NONE. So the deal was always this: I’ll work in the nursery at least 6 times a year, but there’d better be someone else to do diapers. Well, Cami (Megan’s 15-year old daughter) was working in the nursery with me. So we figured Laura on the toddler’s side would help (her elementary-school aged daughter was working with her), since she’s a mom of 4 afterall. Um. Oops. Nope. Laura doesn’t do diapers either. She did her own children, but doesn’t do other children. Hmmmm. Slight problem. Okay…. MAJOR problem b/c that little kid was STINKY to high heaven. We thought about flashing his mom’s number on the "nursery" board but none of us knew how to work it. FINALLY, CAMI stepped up to the plate. Yep. The 15-year old CHANGED THE STINKIEST DIAPER while I went into the "foyer" area between the two rooms b/c I was gagging so badly from the smell. Yes. I am a wuss. And no, I have NO IDEA what I’ll do when I have my own kids.

So that was my morning. Last night, I watched Henry for about 90 minutes (it was supposed to be two hours, but after about 30-minutes of fussing and crying, we were BOTH done and called his parents to come and get him early – which was okay). BUT I do need to share this:

NOT EVEN FIVE MINUTES after Tim & Carrilee dropped Henry off at our house, HE WAS STINKY. I was seriously hoping it was just some stinky toots. Afterall, Carrilee said that if he poops at night it’s more of an exception to the rule than the rule itself. But the stink wouldn’t go away. AND I CHANGED HIS DIRTY DIAPER. Yep. I did. And he WIGGLED and TWISTED and SQUIRMED all over the place to the point where Dave had to come and help me hold him down!!  : )   But I did it. I changed a poopy diaper.

Hopefully it’ll be a LONG LONG time before I have to do that again!

5 thoughts on “smelly, but done

  1. I could offer up a subject for practice, if you like. Stop by around noon each day. Oh, and don’t worry about when you have your own. Often, you don’t really have to change the diaper. Just the bedding, the bathwater, the clothing. You get the idea.

  2. Way to go, Tam! You did it! Woohoo!!!! See, when I asked you to watch Henry, I forgot about the diaper thing. Really…I did. Sorry. But now you’ve got your first poopy diaper under your belt – bad word picture, sorry. :) Cami will be so proud!

  3. mother knows best…i am so proud of you!! that’s a first step. and i bet that when you have your own kids, you’ll have no choice in the matter so you’ll be a man about it and just do it. but that’s very cool…sorry i’m bailing on our lunch date…how about friday afternoon? i get out of school around 11:30.
    luv much

  4. I can’t say the diaper thing is ever fun, but somehow it’s better when it’s your own kid. See, when they’re born, the breastmilk diapers aren’t bad at all. Very little stink if any. And by the time they get around to eating solid foods and the diapers get stinkier, you’re already used to changing them, so you can do it quickly enough that you can hold your breath if you need to. =) Just a bit of hope for you, there.

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