it’s somebody’s birthday….

…. i wonder who…

IT"S ME!!!!!

Yep. Today is my 27th birthday (for the 6th time). And tonight we are having a PAR-TAY!!!! And I’m SO EXCITED!

I’ve already received so many birthday cards and presents, too…. YIPPEE!!! This morning, here’s what I got from Dave:
this is my card that says "Love You Bunches!" inside of it. And this:
and my iPod nano… I’m FINALLY stepping into the iPod generation!!  :)
He ALSO gave me a gift certificate for a massage, pedicure AND manicure at The Chrysalis. Pampered and spoiled. That’s me!  :)

And last night, when I walked in the door from my Bible study, I was greeted by Dave who was hanging streamers that he wanted to buy for my party… so here’s what our living room looks like right now as we prepare for tonight’s party:
and here are some of tonight’s goodies:
and some more….

Okay. I think that’s enough for now. Have a fabulous Friday!

One thought on “it’s somebody’s birthday….

  1. Well…. here is a blast from the past. You do not know me as Dawn Calvarese, but rather as Dawn Roberts!!!
    I shall begin by wishing you a very happy birthday! I have thought about you and your mom several times over the past couple of years, but never took the innitiative to get in touch. But yesterday I decided to give your mom a call. We had a good chat and cought up a bit. How cool is that!!! Oh my goodness where has time gone? Well so much has happened in the many years that we haven’t talk, even though I am sure your mom kept you up to date the short time her and I worked at the same place. Well, I got married in May to an AMAZING guy! He is a doll. He is a hunky, born-again Christian who is as sweet as he is good looking. I fyou give me your e-mail address, I will send you a couple pics. My e-mail address is “”. I love being married. We are waiting a little while to have a baby though. He just finished his Master’s Degree in Elem. Ed. and has to find a teaching job. He is more eager to have a baby than I am. I am sure that is because I grew up in a day care. I need a break for a while. He feels that he is getting older (I keep telling him that he’s not the one with the biological clock). He’s only 31.
    I am so excited to hear how well you are doing. I saw a pic of you and you look great. You really haven’t changed at all. Well, I look forward to hearing from you and catching up a little.
    Take care,

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