happy new year!


We attended a fun party at our own home last night. Yep. Just a day or so ago, some friends called to let us know that a rat (or something) had died in their wall and their house smelled too terrible to host the New Year’s Eve party, so we agreed to allow them to host the party at our home. It was a fun evening with just a few other couples. Dinner at a restaurant and then back to our house for games, dessert, stories, laughs and too much food!!  :)    And even though I got a wonderful new camera for Christmas, I didn’t take any photos…. NOT ONE! Trisha and Brandi did, however, and last night’s catch phrase was "Get Cute!" That was Trisha’s way of saying "get together, smile and let me take your photo.

This year begins as busy as last year ended…. no surprise there. But at least our weekends are mostly free of planned events (for now). I love free weekends with nothing planned. The opportunities for relaxation, fun and adventure seem limitless.

I promise I’ll get back to adding some photos here soon… we could even make that my New Years’ Resolution – tee hee!  I did pick up my THIRD design team kit yesterday (I love EVERYTHING about it, Shawn) so I’ll have to get photos of those products up here for you to see.

One thought on “happy new year!

  1. And so a new year begins. I loved what Justin shared in Upper Room yesterday. It makes me think we need to keep each other accountable to live with an eternal perspective DAILY. Think we can help each other out? Love ya, Meg

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