good friends

Last night we had dinner with Chris & Christy in Bellingham. Chris’ birthday was on the 17th and mine was on the 19th. It seems to get so complicated for us to get our schedules coordinated, but when we do, we have a fabulous time! We had dinner at D’Anna’s – a yummy Italian restaurant in downtown Bellingham (State and Magnolia Streets for those of you in the area who want to try it out). The boys split a full carafe of house red wine and Christy and I drank our water. We had calamari (fried squid – super yum) as an appetizer and then our salads, Sicilian bread and main course(s). I don’t think I have LAUGHED THAT MUCH in a LONG LONG time! We were all telling funny stories. We talked about the baby. We talked about work. So many things. So much laughter. To Chris and Christy I must say this: We had a FABULOUS time and I hope it’s not such a long "gap" until we do it again!!

I just wanted to share that story b/c it was the end of a work day, I was tired. Dave was tired. Chris was exhausted (he’s been working 10-16 hour days for awhile now to deal with some audits) and none of us was super "in the mood" for this evening, but it turned out to be the most fun we’ve had in awhile (hopefully Chris & Christy can say the same)!

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