christmas ornaments

So THESE photos show you how we announced to our families that we are expecting. I forgot to take photos (unless the photos are on the downstairs computer) of the ornaments for Dave’s family, but they are the same shape, color, patterned – just different names. For my family, the ornaments were placed into sealed envelopes with STRICT instructions "DO NOT OPEN UNTIL CHRISTMAS" and Dave’s family found theirs on their dinner plate (it was our "place cards) for Christmas dinner around 2 or 3 on Christmas Day. Pretty cute, huh? I loved making those little ornaments, even though tying all the ribbons got a bit "old!" Dave and I each have an ornament, too, that says "mommy" (for me) and "daddy" (for him).

As you can see by the "baby Dunkin due date" on the back of the ornaments, these were all made AND given to their owners BEFORE we saw the OB doctor… who gave us our newest due date of 8-10-07 based on measuring the baby at our first appointment.

2 thoughts on “christmas ornaments

  1. very cute. what an awesome way to announce it…i want my baby annoncement to be something good like that too. you know, when i start having kids in 20 years! :) much love,

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