BABY’s NAME and photos

tonight we chose a name for the baby while he (or she) is in-utero….. it’s from Seinfeld… George wanted to name his child SEVEN.

so baby dunkin, who has been called "baby," and "reggie" (that’s uncle jeff’s name for the baby) is now going to be called "SEVEN" or "7" or "Baby Seven" until he/she is born and receives a true name.

Seven Dunkin…. kinda has a nice ring to it, eh?

Here are my first "belly shots" taken yesterday (Saturday) – we’re now 12 weeks along!

4 thoughts on “BABY’s NAME and photos

  1. You’re having a baby…really…A new friend for Henry and Markus and Maddie and Tyler and Emma and all the rest…GOOD TIMES!!! Take good care of little Seven!

  2. Ahhh…i was hoping you would post some belly pictures! =) How fun that you’re already showing. When are you getting an ultrasound?

  3. you look adorable tam! keep the belly pics coming…… take one each month and it’s amazing how different you’ll look from month to month. treasure this time….sickness and all….it’s an amazing experience. i’m here for you if you need anything!

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