Baby Goodies

Well, I think most of you have received your "announcements" by now… or have heard the news around church, the office or at my birthday party last week… WE ARE EXPECTING! WOO HOO!! Baby Dunkin is due August 10th and we are ELATED to be honored with this gift of the miracle of life.

So here are some photos of some of our Christmas presents to the baby and my mom (aka: Nannah)’s handiwork (a birthday present to me) for the baby. And then a cute bib I picked up tonight. Oh – and some of you have asked, so here’s a photo of the nursery "decor" we like:

my gifts to baby
  dave’s gifts to baby
nannah’s handiwork… when i opened this, i gasped… it’s so delicate and beautiful… AND TINY. i started to FREAK OUT thinking of this as DOLL CLOTHING rather than clothing for my baby!! i still have to look at it as "simply beautiful" rather than "so tiny and a real human being will fit in this one day and I will be responsible for that human being’s life…." gorgeous, though, isn’t it? my mom is SO talented. as of my birthday, she said she was about half-way finished with a white set. the detail on that sweater and the edge of the blanket… wow. it’s amazing.

i bought this today for baby and dave!
a photo of the nursery decor that we found and love. instead of the "matching" wall hangings, however, we plan to print, mat and frame our own photos from Africa of baby animals… elephants, giraffes, rhinos, wildebeasts, monkeys, lion cubs…. you get the idea. SO COOL, eh?! and perfect for a boy or a girl. JUST TOO DARN CUTE!!!!

So that’s my news. Those are some photos. And I just thought I would share!

8 thoughts on “Baby Goodies

  1. I should have mentioned – one of the bonnets is for a girl (ruffle) and the other (plainer) for a boy! Though I am still thinking blue!

  2. Cute stuff, Tam! Madyson’s nursery was jungle theme, too. Have you ever looked online at Etsy? Seriously amazing hand-crafted stuff, lots for baby. Like quilted bibs and stuff. –Congratulations to both of you!

  3. I received your adorable announcement in the mail. Congratulations! I would love to hear more details. Do you guys think you’ll find out what you’re having? Have you thought about names? Enjoy this wonderful new adventure. Congratulations!!!

  4. So fun Tam. I love the monkey themed gifts. Markus LOVES monkeys. Mark and I made him a monkey at Build a Bear this year, and he goes crazy with it. And the nursery stuff is adorable. I can’t believe your mom handmade that stuff. It’s beautiful. She should sell some on Etsy. Thanks for sharing all this stuff on here- I will look forward to more and more baby posts! Love you. Pat your tummy for me.

  5. It’s really happening, isn’t it?! Bet having clothes and stuff makes it seem ever-so-incrementally more real. I can’t wait to see how God leads you along the path of defining what parenthood will look like with it’s own special Dave & Tam shape. Isn’t it great there are no parenting cookie cutters?! Love you!

  6. oh my…that is some CUTE stuff!! i hope you realize i am going to spoil your child at every chance i get, thank you! i’m so very happy for you guys…a baby will be such entertainment for you guys. and i’ll gladly change diapers for you if you need me to…hehe!

  7. i bought that same exact “i love daddy” bib for jon when i found out i was expecting too! i love the nursery and the idea of you putting up your own pics from africa… your mom’s handiwork!… baby dunkin already :)

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