YIPPEEE!!!! Thank you to all my dear friends are are CELEBRATING with me as I prepare for motherhood (yep – I’m terrified!). I appreciate ALL of the questions but in order to avoid answering them over and over again, I’ll go ahead and respond here so hopefully most people can see them all in one place!

We don’t plan on finding out if it’s a boy or a girl. To us, there’s just something so "special" to think abut Dave walking out of the delivery room and announcing to a room full of people (‘cuz I can guarantee his family will be there) "it’s a boy!" or "it’s a girl!"

We do, however, plan on having a 4D ultrasound in Seattle sometime between weeks 27 and 34. We’ll be able to see the baby very clearly, see the facial features and love our little one even more!

I’m feeling GREAT! I do get nauseated throughout the day so I have to make sure I eat a lot of healthy snacks or mini meals (like I have breakfast, a snack around 10, lunch, a snack around 3, another small one around 5, dinner is usually around 7 and then a snack around 9 and then bedtime). I feel like I’m eating NON-STOP but I don’t feel like I’m getting "fat."

that said, I AM GROWING A LITTLE BABY BELLY! my pants are getting tighter. by the end of the day, my little "pooch" as expanded a bit more and it’s pretty darn obvious (to dave and i, at least) that we’re expecting. i hope to go shopping for some maternity clothing soon (got a gift certificate from my mom for my birthday – EXCELLENT gift, mom)!

oh – i do get tired, too. but it’s weird b/c one night i’ll go to bed at 9 or 9:30 and the next night i’ll still be wide awake at 11. like i said…. weird.

names: we have names selected. They’re all family-related and we’ve had them chosen since about the first year of our marriage – we chose 2 boys names and 2 girls names. we’re not telling our name choices, though, now that we’re expecting… all part of the surprise, right?!

ultimately, we’d like to have 3 children. but we’ll see how this first one goes! we both would prefer a boy first and then the other two could be in any order but ultimately we’d like 2 boys and a girl, so God will likely bless us with the "Sarapata Joy" of having 3 girls. and we’d be terrified, but okay with that, too!  :)   what we what most of all, however, is a HEALTHY baby. boy or girl doesn’t matter. HEALTHY is key.

i know there were other questions out there but i’ll have to go find them and add comments here and there throughout my blog entries to keep ya’ll posted. deal?!

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  1. Just for your FYI, I found that The Gap & Old Navy maternity clothes fit me the best and January is a great time to go maternity clothes shopping because everything is on clearance. I got so many shirts under $10.00! It was great. The best part is that if you order online you can return it to their stores in Bellingham. Otherwise treat yourself to a shopping day in Seattle and enjoy their maternity stores downtown. I’m SO EXCITED for you Tam!

  2. I second Taya’s opinions! If you want to shop in Seattle (they actually have Gap maternity and Old Navy maternity in the stores) call me! I would love to go with you! (maybe that could be our date with teh Dyck’s?) Love you!

  3. Another maternity clothes tip: Motherhood Maternity has a HORRIBLE return policy. I believe you have to return within 10 days and you can only get in store credit. On top of that, if you buy something on-line, you cannot return it to a store. I have had several problems there and wouldn’t recommend it. I would stick with the Gap and Old Navy. Very cute stuff.

  4. Let me just echo the Old Navy praise! So much of my maternity wardrobe came from there – and mostly from the clearance stuff so it was cheap! Cute stuff, too.

  5. soooo excited for you guys! i agree with the old navy and gap maternity clothes as well. we can’t wait to meet him or her! :)

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