10th-14th in photos

Here are photos from Wednesday Jan 10th (snowy day and also Tom’s 18th birthday) to Sunday the 14th (the day we celebrated Tom’s birthday and the day Dave and I watched Henry for 90 minutes).

A snowy day  from my office window on Wednesday, January 10th:
and our street when we got home that day:

Tom’s 18th birthday (family celebration):
  He did blow out all the candles at once… he’s got some LUNG power!

And cute Henry… well, should I perhaps state: Henry, while he was still cute!!
And Dave entertaining him with the ukelele:

One thought on “10th-14th in photos

  1. Great pictures Tam! Thanks for sharing. Also thank you for the birthday card. It arrived perfectly, right on my birthday! =) I hope yours arrived on time. The mail has been delayed here because of all the winter storms nearby. So glad you got spoiled for your birthday…you deserve it! =)

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