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creative juices

came home from work tonight and whipped out three cards for next tuesdays card class. i LOVE the stamp of the month set for February… SUPER cute and very basic/versatile. At $10 PLUS 40% off, it’s a good deal for a small set of acrylic word stamps. So for the week when Tuesday card class uses the Stamp of the Month (or the stamp SET of the month), I have to use the same stamp (stamp set) to make all three cards. I had a hard time making these look "different" but at least I like what I’ve created! Here are the three cards:

What do you think? Good enough for a Tuesday Card Class (one hour class, $5 includes everything pre-cut and ready for you to stamp, ink, adhere and there you go!

Also, last Friday, I made some cute mini albums with  my "winning prize" of chipboard bases (circles, squares and rectangles) from Deluxe Designs. Here’s the little book I made with the larger rectangles… it’s going to eventually hold photos of my baby belly taken every 4 weeks starting at week 12!!!  I included the ruler so you could see how tiny it is. I used rubons (Creative Imaginations), Making Memories "word fetti" stickers, some stamps and staz on ink and my pregnant lady stamp from the Dollar Bin at Michaels. So here’s a little peek at my creativity from last Friday:

Oh – Taya, I had my first ultrasound on January 4th. We got to hear the baby’s heartbeat AND we got to see the little arm buds waving around. My next ultrasound won’t be until 20 weeks. And then we’ll go to Seattle for a 4D ultrasound (SO EXCITED about that)!

And on Friday I’m going shopping in Seattle with my friend Brandi. Why Seattle? Because that’s the CLOSEST GAP store location that carries maternity clothing! Hopefully we’ll find an Old Navy down there, too, that carries maternity clothing. I’m looking forward to a day of shopping for some CUTE, NEW clothing that will FIT me as I start getting "more pregnant!"  I like my belly and want it to get larger so I can show it off!!!  Thanks for all your tips, ladies on where TO shop and where NOT to shop for preggo lady clothing.

BABY’s NAME and photos

tonight we chose a name for the baby while he (or she) is in-utero….. it’s from Seinfeld… George wanted to name his child SEVEN.

so baby dunkin, who has been called "baby," and "reggie" (that’s uncle jeff’s name for the baby) is now going to be called "SEVEN" or "7" or "Baby Seven" until he/she is born and receives a true name.

Seven Dunkin…. kinda has a nice ring to it, eh?

Here are my first "belly shots" taken yesterday (Saturday) – we’re now 12 weeks along!

christmas ornaments

So THESE photos show you how we announced to our families that we are expecting. I forgot to take photos (unless the photos are on the downstairs computer) of the ornaments for Dave’s family, but they are the same shape, color, patterned – just different names. For my family, the ornaments were placed into sealed envelopes with STRICT instructions "DO NOT OPEN UNTIL CHRISTMAS" and Dave’s family found theirs on their dinner plate (it was our "place cards) for Christmas dinner around 2 or 3 on Christmas Day. Pretty cute, huh? I loved making those little ornaments, even though tying all the ribbons got a bit "old!" Dave and I each have an ornament, too, that says "mommy" (for me) and "daddy" (for him).

As you can see by the "baby Dunkin due date" on the back of the ornaments, these were all made AND given to their owners BEFORE we saw the OB doctor… who gave us our newest due date of 8-10-07 based on measuring the baby at our first appointment.


YIPPEEE!!!! Thank you to all my dear friends are are CELEBRATING with me as I prepare for motherhood (yep – I’m terrified!). I appreciate ALL of the questions but in order to avoid answering them over and over again, I’ll go ahead and respond here so hopefully most people can see them all in one place!

We don’t plan on finding out if it’s a boy or a girl. To us, there’s just something so "special" to think abut Dave walking out of the delivery room and announcing to a room full of people (‘cuz I can guarantee his family will be there) "it’s a boy!" or "it’s a girl!"

We do, however, plan on having a 4D ultrasound in Seattle sometime between weeks 27 and 34. We’ll be able to see the baby very clearly, see the facial features and love our little one even more!

I’m feeling GREAT! I do get nauseated throughout the day so I have to make sure I eat a lot of healthy snacks or mini meals (like I have breakfast, a snack around 10, lunch, a snack around 3, another small one around 5, dinner is usually around 7 and then a snack around 9 and then bedtime). I feel like I’m eating NON-STOP but I don’t feel like I’m getting "fat."

that said, I AM GROWING A LITTLE BABY BELLY! my pants are getting tighter. by the end of the day, my little "pooch" as expanded a bit more and it’s pretty darn obvious (to dave and i, at least) that we’re expecting. i hope to go shopping for some maternity clothing soon (got a gift certificate from my mom for my birthday – EXCELLENT gift, mom)!

oh – i do get tired, too. but it’s weird b/c one night i’ll go to bed at 9 or 9:30 and the next night i’ll still be wide awake at 11. like i said…. weird.

names: we have names selected. They’re all family-related and we’ve had them chosen since about the first year of our marriage – we chose 2 boys names and 2 girls names. we’re not telling our name choices, though, now that we’re expecting… all part of the surprise, right?!

ultimately, we’d like to have 3 children. but we’ll see how this first one goes! we both would prefer a boy first and then the other two could be in any order but ultimately we’d like 2 boys and a girl, so God will likely bless us with the "Sarapata Joy" of having 3 girls. and we’d be terrified, but okay with that, too!  :)   what we what most of all, however, is a HEALTHY baby. boy or girl doesn’t matter. HEALTHY is key.

i know there were other questions out there but i’ll have to go find them and add comments here and there throughout my blog entries to keep ya’ll posted. deal?!

good friends

Last night we had dinner with Chris & Christy in Bellingham. Chris’ birthday was on the 17th and mine was on the 19th. It seems to get so complicated for us to get our schedules coordinated, but when we do, we have a fabulous time! We had dinner at D’Anna’s – a yummy Italian restaurant in downtown Bellingham (State and Magnolia Streets for those of you in the area who want to try it out). The boys split a full carafe of house red wine and Christy and I drank our water. We had calamari (fried squid – super yum) as an appetizer and then our salads, Sicilian bread and main course(s). I don’t think I have LAUGHED THAT MUCH in a LONG LONG time! We were all telling funny stories. We talked about the baby. We talked about work. So many things. So much laughter. To Chris and Christy I must say this: We had a FABULOUS time and I hope it’s not such a long "gap" until we do it again!!

I just wanted to share that story b/c it was the end of a work day, I was tired. Dave was tired. Chris was exhausted (he’s been working 10-16 hour days for awhile now to deal with some audits) and none of us was super "in the mood" for this evening, but it turned out to be the most fun we’ve had in awhile (hopefully Chris & Christy can say the same)!

Baby Goodies

Well, I think most of you have received your "announcements" by now… or have heard the news around church, the office or at my birthday party last week… WE ARE EXPECTING! WOO HOO!! Baby Dunkin is due August 10th and we are ELATED to be honored with this gift of the miracle of life.

So here are some photos of some of our Christmas presents to the baby and my mom (aka: Nannah)’s handiwork (a birthday present to me) for the baby. And then a cute bib I picked up tonight. Oh – and some of you have asked, so here’s a photo of the nursery "decor" we like:

my gifts to baby
  dave’s gifts to baby
nannah’s handiwork… when i opened this, i gasped… it’s so delicate and beautiful… AND TINY. i started to FREAK OUT thinking of this as DOLL CLOTHING rather than clothing for my baby!! i still have to look at it as "simply beautiful" rather than "so tiny and a real human being will fit in this one day and I will be responsible for that human being’s life…." gorgeous, though, isn’t it? my mom is SO talented. as of my birthday, she said she was about half-way finished with a white set. the detail on that sweater and the edge of the blanket… wow. it’s amazing.

i bought this today for baby and dave!
a photo of the nursery decor that we found and love. instead of the "matching" wall hangings, however, we plan to print, mat and frame our own photos from Africa of baby animals… elephants, giraffes, rhinos, wildebeasts, monkeys, lion cubs…. you get the idea. SO COOL, eh?! and perfect for a boy or a girl. JUST TOO DARN CUTE!!!!

So that’s my news. Those are some photos. And I just thought I would share!

there’s always a first…

as we all know, there’s always a first time for someone to do something. after working full-time for almost a decade, i did something today that i’ve never done before. i took a nap IN my office ON my floor. i pulled down a decorative pillow from on top of my bookshelf and i pulled out a blanket and before i knew it, it was about 25 minutes later and i had actually fallen asleep (and missed a phone call)! yep. why the heck am i so tired? sheesh! at least i can "function" at bit now at work… hopefully i can hold out for another few hours until we head home! i just thought this was a funny story and that i would share it with my friends. just don’t laugh at me, okay?! 

10th-14th in photos

Here are photos from Wednesday Jan 10th (snowy day and also Tom’s 18th birthday) to Sunday the 14th (the day we celebrated Tom’s birthday and the day Dave and I watched Henry for 90 minutes).

A snowy day  from my office window on Wednesday, January 10th:
and our street when we got home that day:

Tom’s 18th birthday (family celebration):
  He did blow out all the candles at once… he’s got some LUNG power!

And cute Henry… well, should I perhaps state: Henry, while he was still cute!!
And Dave entertaining him with the ukelele:

it’s somebody’s birthday….

…. i wonder who…

IT"S ME!!!!!

Yep. Today is my 27th birthday (for the 6th time). And tonight we are having a PAR-TAY!!!! And I’m SO EXCITED!

I’ve already received so many birthday cards and presents, too…. YIPPEE!!! This morning, here’s what I got from Dave:
this is my card that says "Love You Bunches!" inside of it. And this:
and my iPod nano… I’m FINALLY stepping into the iPod generation!!  :)
He ALSO gave me a gift certificate for a massage, pedicure AND manicure at The Chrysalis. Pampered and spoiled. That’s me!  :)

And last night, when I walked in the door from my Bible study, I was greeted by Dave who was hanging streamers that he wanted to buy for my party… so here’s what our living room looks like right now as we prepare for tonight’s party:
and here are some of tonight’s goodies:
and some more….

Okay. I think that’s enough for now. Have a fabulous Friday!