tom – all grown up

it’s hard to believe that tom (dave’s youngest sibling) is a senior in high school this year. when dave and i got married over 4 years ago, tom was shorter than most kids in his class and he looked so small and frail. i remember linda spent months praying that tom would hit his growth spurt. it happened pretty suddenly but at the same time, i’m still amazed at how tall he has grown! a few weekends ago, dave took some pictures of tom, hoping they would be good enough for his senior portraits. i just had an opportunity to look at them tonight… they’re amazing! they were all taken outdoors in places in/around lynden, including at a street sign titled "tom road." i have so many "favorite" photos but dave says he hasn’t corrected them yet, so he has an assignment to choose his 7 favorites so i can play with them! in the meantime, here’s tom…. all grown up! 
he’s not sure yet (at least from what i know) but he’s thinking about spending a year in spain at a capenwray (sp?) school. LOVE YA TOM!!!!

2 thoughts on “tom – all grown up

  1. My boys adore Tom – he’s a GOOD kid: they’ve been really blessed to have a succession of “big boys” to look up to. We’re sad every time the big boys grow up, get busy, and move on, however. :) I always wonder who the Lord will provide next (but He always does!). Now MY boys are getting to the age where they may get to be a “Tom” to someone else. What a great legacy!

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