teaching is hard work. let me tell you. yesterday was my SECOND day of tuesday card classes. i had a grand total of 22 or 23 students throughout all three classes (that’s a pretty good turn out, especially with 10 ladies at the evening class)! It’s hard to work to talk and juggle three groups of card makers at one time, but I LOVE IT! it’s fun. it’s challenging. it’s inspiring. and the ladies yesterday made me feel SO GOOD. some of them tried to come last week (class was cancelled due to the snow and ice on the roads) b/c they loved the cards so much and when class was cancelled they were waiting for a call to let them know when the class would be rescheduled. i received TONS of compliments on my cards and all the ladies seemed to have fun. at least 6 ladies had NEVER heat embossed before. and even more had NEVER used the crop-a-dile (they all kept calling it the croC-a-dile – it was cute and funny so i didn’t correct them). i LOVE teaching. i love when i have no energy – nothing to give – and the energy from these ladies boost my spirits. they give me the energy i need to teach them! it’s so fun! i must admit, however, that i am VERY GLAD that next week’s cards are called EASY CHRISTMAS CARDS. yep. SUPER easy! whew. and then i have a break until January…. for card classes, at least. i do have that next design team kit that deserves some fun play time (though i made a few cards with it  yesterday). i’ll try to get some photos up tonight or tomorrow. yesterday was a LONG day for me between my "grown up job" and my teaching job…. well, it was over a 12-hour work day. tam was VERY SLEEPY when she got home!

and a side note: i now know where the time sheets are located and i think i’ll actually get paid now for all those hours i worked back in november – teaching AND creating the card class card designs!!

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  1. When you get to teach something that turns your crank, it’s a lot of fun, isn’t it? Maybe you’re ready for Grace Place…?! Glad you had a great time teaching.

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