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i want you all to know that i LOVE reading your comments on my blog posts. your comments make me smile, esp. when you respond to my questions… i love that we can all interact through this modern technology….. crazy, eh?! and therefore, i want to READ MORE!

with that said, why don’t you tell me what you are MOST looking forward to this Christmas? or what do you have left to do BEFORE Christmas? or any other Christmas-related question I haven’t asked yet, I guess! 

For me, I’m pretty much ready. One more batch of cookies and maybe chocolate peanut butter fudge today. Complete and wrap one more present (for granma). Clean the bathrooms and do a final dusting/vacuuming to the downstairs. Yep. I think that pretty much finishes my list of "things to do." As for what am I most excited about this year? It’s almost always the same with me…. giving presents. I LOVE to give presents. and this year, I think we have once again done a great job at finding things people WANT and will LOVE. I’m also really excited for Dave to open his presents. I got him some really good stuff this year (at least, I think I did) so I’m eager for Monday morning to arrive so we can OPEN THE GOODS!!!!  

2 thoughts on “sharing stories

  1. i have nothing left to do except wrap mom’s present. what i’m excited for this christmas is just being together as a family. and drinking really good punch. of course i love the whole present thing, giving and receiving. i think that’s how you spell receiving. anyway, i’m just very excited. only 2 sleeps until christmas eve. have a good 2! love ya much,

  2. I am most looking forward to waking up Christmas morning to my beautiful boy and sharing in the morning with him and his daddy! Even though Markus has no idea about Christmas this year, it still brings a certain sense of wonder to celebrate and anticipate Christmas through the eyes of a child. I am also looking forward to hosting a Christmas Eve brunch for 10 adults and 2 babies! This is the first big meal we are doing in our new home, and I can’t wait. My favorite part about Christmas is definitely seeing people open the gifts that I bought for them. I can’t wait to see my parents open thir present from Markus- as long as it arrives today from Mr. FedEx like it’s supposed to :) . I’m really excited about what I got Mark this year too, because I know he has NO CLUE what it could be. That’s always fun. Have a great Saturday Tam! I love you!

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