Prepared. That’s how I feel right now. Well, at least PARTIALLY prepared. My Christmas cards are FINALLY ready to be mailed – all 140 of them. Yep. They’re going out late this year, but they should still arrive at people’s homes BEFORE Christmas. YIPPEE!!!!

This morning, I also wrapped Dave’s presents AND his stocking stuffers (I finished shopping yesterday) with the exception of his two gifts that will arrive in the mail this week. Wrapped. Ribboned. Tagged.

Now if we could just get our TREE set up and decorated…….

2 thoughts on “PREPARED

  1. Yay! Good for you! What a great feeling, huh? I was dead-set on getting it all done by Dec. 1st…. of course today I ran around getting all the little things I forgot. *sigh* Better luck next year :) Enjoy your completed-ness!

  2. Yesterday was my first day of shopping, and, I know you won’t believe it, but I had a GREAT time. Shopped today too and had a great time again. Yes, you read the name right; it really is me. By listening to the Lord and releasing myself from the arbitrary deadlines I tend to set, I’ve been relaxed and thoroughly enjoying the opportunity to pick out gifts for the people I love. God truly works in mysterious ways, doesn’t He?!:) Enjoy your week!

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