Over already?

Weeks of planning and preparing and shopping and wrapping and decorating and mailing and everything else related to Christmas… and it’s all over in one day. One short little day. Despite the day FLYING by, we had a WONDERFUL Christmas. The whole (immediate) Dunkin family was here. Dave and I had our own Christmas and breakfast followed by a trip to mom & dad’s for our stockings, the reading of the Christmas story (Luke 2), opening presents and then the Hershey Kiss hunt (there are still about 20 hershey kisses hiding somewhere in the living room, dining room, kitchen and family room…. have fun finding them if you head over there for a visit!). Then back to our house to get lunch/dinner in the oven and before I knew it, we were sitting down to eat. It was an extra special Christmas celebration – we were all back together again for a major holiday – that hasn’t happened in awhile.

As I say each year, I was spoiled rotten by those who love me. Lots of new goodies – things practical, useful, fun, creative and so much more. I’ll be busy for weeks to come, as will Dave. And even though Christmas Day is over, the holiday spirit is still very much alive and well in our home… hopefully it is alive and well in your home, too! It’s back to work for each of us tomorrow (we took today off to have a day to "unwind" after the chaos that we call Christmas Day) so we’ll slip right back into our routine.

Love to all of our friends and family. Merry Christmas from the Dunkin Clan:

4 thoughts on “Over already?

  1. It’s so fun to see the Dunkin Clan all grown up and enjoying each other in new ways as adults. Isn’t God good? Having a family that you enjoy and look forward to spending time with…well, it’s a LOT to be thankful for! We know.:) Let the Christmas spirit live on!!!!

  2. Again LOVE the family photo! So glad you had such a wonderful Christmas. We hope to stop by soon. We’re staying at Ross’ parents right now just a stones throw away from you. Hope to see you soon!

  3. Thanks for the comments, Meg & Taya. Taya – I hope you DO stop by soon, ‘cuz I have to teach at TOM the night of your Open House at Dutch Mothers. So sad I have to miss that! Meg – you and Cami free on Friday afternoon, by any chance? Maybe we could have a play date around 2?

  4. hey tam, we are in seattle friday, but we will have to get together sometime. i’ll gladly finish off any leftover christmas goodies you have laying around. haha. anyway, glad you’re christmas was merry. we’ll have to exchange stories. it is strange how fast it goes by, huh?

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