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our tree is FINALLY decorated! it took all of 5 or 10 minutes last night, but we got to do it TOGETHER. that’s what we kept waiting for…. those few moments when we could work together to decorate our tree. it’s filled with mostly ornaments from my childhood (my mom has a smaller, pre-decorated tree now, so i got all the ornaments)plus we have a few ornaments we’ve received since being married. so this is it…. and i like it!!
Tell me something special about your tree…. or what’s on it…. or what’s NOT on it….

Growing up, my mom was INSISTENT that even though we had an ARTIFICIAL tree, ALL (and oh boy, I do mean all) of the ornaments (strands of Christmas lights not included) had to be homemade. She tried to tell my Sunday school teachers one year that their little rosette/jingle bell ornament wasn’t "homemade enough" to be on our tree… that is, until one of my Sunday school teachers (the pastor’s wife, I believe) told her that she BURNT HER FINGER using the hot glue gun to make the ornaments! tee hee. I used to find GORGEOUS ornaments in the stores but I was never allowed to put them on our tree. Sigh. That was also so sad – so tragic – for me!

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  1. Our tree has tons of ornaments from my childhood, and new ones that were gifts along the way, many that the kids made. So eclectic, but I love it. Always a Noble fir, with lights wrapped around each and every branch. This year the kids have their very own little tree to decorate with paper chains and such. This year I decided I really want to start collecting old vintage tree ornaments. Ok, so I haven’t started yet, but it sounds fun, right?

  2. Tam I LOVE the photo of you and Dave and your tree! It’s a perfect family Christmas tree picture. I think you should use it as your Christmas card photo next year. =) Hope to see you on Sunday!

  3. our tree is beautiful, thank you. we always buy the ornaments. why would you want to spend time making them and having them turn out crappy, when you could buy them, admire them, and they’d be beautiful? that’s my take on it. i’m sure your tree is beautiful even with your home-made ornaments. haha. have a very merry christmas. with love,

  4. Eclectic would describe our tree too (which is always a Grand Fir). Lots of my childhood ornaments, too. The last few years we’ve been having the kids each pick a new ornament from the store (therefore Cami’s comment!). Normally the tree-trimming is a big deal for me – I love doing it with the kids. This year, however, I was sick and so Jim did the lights and the kids completely decorated the tree while I slept. They did a wonderful job and it has meant so much to me every time I look at it…it reminds me how much they’re growing up…and it’s a little snapshot of how we parents need to turn over whatever responsibility to them that they can handle. This particular one was easy…:). Thanks for sharing your stories and inviting others to share theirs. I love reading them. Love you!

  5. Your tree looks great- and a great picture of the two of you I must add! Our tree is the same every year- jingle bells, red/white gingham, mittens and snowpeople. I do have quite the eclectic collection of snowpeople, however- my favorite has to be the pregnant snowwoman smores ornament I got last year! I can’t wait until Markus starts bringing home ornaments that he makes that we can hang on the tree. Once he starts getting into it, I’m sure my perfectly matchy tree will be gone- but that’s fine by me. Love you Tam!

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