it’s beginning….

it’s beginning to look a lot like christmas…..

we’ve got the snow on the ground. and i’m mostly finished with my shopping (sickening, i know). our christmas cards are in progress (hopefully they’ll be dropped in the mail by monday). we’re planning on getting our tree on saturday. YIPPEEEEEEE!!! i love this season. i love the hustle & bustle in the stores. i love searching for the "perfect" gift. i love surprising people with cool presents. and, for those of you who know me well enough, you know that i also LOVE to receive gifts… i admit it… i think "gifts" is one of my love languages!

yesterday dave & tim and carrilee & i went shopping for christmas presents. we do this each year – splitting up into the "boys" and the "girls" shopping groups. carrilee and i accomplished a LOT in only 2.5 hours of shopping. the boys did pretty well, too. i think i was the winner, by far, however (okay – so i’m competitive, too). i can’t show you any photos of the fun things i purchased in case any of the intended receivers actually read this blog (though my family and dave’s family rarely check my ramblings here… heck… DAVE rarely reads my stories) but JUST IN CASE anyone decides to love me enough to read my thoughts here, i don’t want them to see what they’re getting! with the exception of something for grandma lou, my mom and my brother, we’re finished shopping for our families. yep. that means we successfully shopped for my 3 nieces, dave’s parents, his siblings, and my sister-in-law. i’ve also finished shopping for my friends and i’m mostly finished with dave’s gifts. yippee!! maybe i can actually relax and enjoy this  year!

on another note, i picked up my newest design team kit on saturday morning (just before getting my hair cut – i had 4 inches chopped off – and highlighted (caramel and RED instead of blonde this time). my kit is FUN once again AND it included lots of things i LOVE AND it also included a $10 gift certificate… woo hoo… my favorite… to get whatever i want. LOVE IT!! i’ll post some photos this week, if i can.  i did get to spend a few hours on saturday afternoon in my craft room working on our 2007 calendar and some other fun goodies. it felt good to be up there again – i’ve been working (crafting) at the store more than in my little room lately. i had forgotten how much i missed my little room!!! 

tomorrow will be a long day b/c i’ll work my "grown up job" and then i also have to work at the store teaching classes (1-2, 2:30 -3:30 and 7-8). tomorrow’s cards are Hero Arts (a brand of stamps) Christmas cards. We’re gonna play with GLITTER and embossing and velvet ribbon… WOO HOO!!! Next week’s cards are already designed and ready to go…. and that theme is "simple christmas cards." and they are simple, but OH SO CUTE! i think i’m more excited to teach that class!  :)

okay. off to address some christmas cards (well, the envelopes).

5 thoughts on “it’s beginning….

  1. Good for you, finishing most of your shopping! I am nearly there – the snow threw me off a little, but I have been wrapping lots lately. I have done the majority of my baking, lots of fun cookies and fudge. Glad you like your DT kit, can’t wait to see the results :) Your hair looked cute, too – it was so quick, I noticed the length, but need more investigation for the red highlights!

  2. I’m glad my grinchy attitude hasn’t rubbed off on you! Sounds like you’re enjoying the season to its fullest. My family’s Christmas prep has thus far consisted of baking, decorating and consuming and entire batch of ginger cookies (our holiday staple). I didn’t get to take pics, but in that batch we had ginger girls in bikinis, Christmas pigs and cows, a Christmas Barney, and all manner of non-Christmas gingerbread army men. Decorating cookies with my kids is NEVER dull and actually quite entertaining! We also has an awesome time at my niece’s apt. watching the lighted parade on Sat., eating the cool goodies she made, swapping snowstorm stories and singing Christmas carols. It’s been a good start to the holiday season…no shopping yet…maybe that’s why it’s been good! Ha Ha! Love ya, Meg

  3. I am so jealous that you are so on top of things! Going shopping to Bellevue tomorrow with a girlfriend- but Markus is joining us so I don’t know how much I will actually get done! I can’t wait to see all the fun stuff you are creating- pics please! XOXO

  4. hey darlin’, thanks so much for the ADORABLE journal. notice, it matches my mom’s little to do notes and papers and stuff. It was very nice to see that i got a new journal, one more thing i don’t have to buy! thanks again very much and i’m glad that you’re holiday season is starting out well. So far, mine has consisted of being sick. fun stuff, huh? Love you much!

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