holiday spirit

wow. that wind last night was SO POWERFUL that dave and i both fell asleep and woke up several times. then it got TOO quiet and i couldn’t sleep. it finally started raining again and i slept peacefully through the rest of the morning/night at that point. crazy. has anyone heard how fast those winds were going – was it the predicted 90 mph?! sheesh. we brought our snowman inside last night to prevent his disappearance (again). and thankfully for justin, he remembered their umbrella (that he left on our porch) just in time before it went flying down the street!

yep. we had our friends justin, brandi and emma over last night for dinner. dave made a nice big mess in the kitchen, but we’ll forgive him b/c he made his infamously delicious bean dip and chicken quesidillas…. they’re just SOOOOOOOOO good! emma couldn’t get enough of the chicken. i see now why she’s so light/skinny… she just eats and eats and eats and eats until her parents are tired of feeding her and then she STILL asks for "more please" using sign language! i didn’t pull out my camera last night (i know, i totally should have), but i didn’t. emma did well most of the night. she really likes to explore her surroundings and while she’s pretty obedient when you say "no" she’ll still go back to that SAME "no" item over and over and over again, totally testing the boundaries to see what she can do! it’s been fun for dave and i to watch her grown up over the past year. she and henry are our only exposure on a regular basis to children. even with my nieces, they lived so far away for so long that i only saw them a few times a year. it’s been great to celebrate child accomplishments with justin & brandi and tim & carrilee. for me, my day is always brightened when i see emma or henry and they recognize me. choose to be held by me.

sorry meg, but i have to tell this story. on sunday i walked into church holding my usual handful of doughnuts for upper room and i saw carrilee holding henry and she was standing in the office door. i walked right up and got into henry’s face and said "hi buddy!" his eyes lit up and he started smiling (and he’s ALWAYS moving b/c he’s a wiggle worm) and carrilee glanced at him and said "do you see that? every time. he recognizes her and she can always get him to smile. never fails." that TOTALLY warmed my heart! and then i felt bad b/c i looked INTO the office to see who was carrilee’s conversation partner… my dear friend megan who made a comment about being totally jealous. i’m sorry meg! i wasn’t trying to make you feel bad! it was just the COOLEST thing for me to have it finally CLICK in my head that this kid knows me. he knows me. he remembers me. and he likes me.

and my final thoughts for today – isn’t this photo of my brother and his wife SO CUTE?! i can’t wait to play with this one. they love each other SO MUCH – it’s so fun and exciting for me to see my brother in a loving relationship. to see him happy. to know that he makes other people happy. i wish we could see them more than 1-2 times a year, but unless we move to NY i don’t think we’ll be closer to each other anytime soon…. they’ll be in NY (or wherever the girls are) for a lot more years to come!

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  1. No worries about Henry. I wasn’t jealous of his response to you, just that, with my cold, I couldn’t get close to him! He wouldn’t have responded to me like he did to you regardless.:) I thoroughly enjoyed watching that moment, partly because I know Henry’s response represented an investment of time, love and interaction on your part. Keep up the good work, Auntie Tam!

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