he’s back!

i had a long day today – my final card classes of the year. as i turned the corner to pull into the alley tonight, i saw him… our friendly, happy little snowman! he’s back! he found his way home (with dave’s help). dave found him down the street wrapped around the telephone box. well…. at least he didn’t stray far and he is now safely hooked to our porch again – ready to welcome friends, family and visitors to our home! it was good to turn the corner and see a little bit of white and red peeking off the edge of our porch!  :)

tomorrow is my only "free" night until next week Tuesday (and we were busy sunday night and last night). i still have stuff i have to do, so i can’t be totally lazy, but i can stay at home and do things at my own pace… LOVE that!

3 thoughts on “he’s back!

  1. I’m obviously reading your comments chronologically. I’m glad you found your snowman back (see my comment on your previous entry)…he, however, may not be quite so happy to be static again.
    I can’t believe it: my baby turned 11 years old today. Does that mean I’m aging? And as to your question about if Dave hadn’t taken you to the game…it’s kinda weird to think about, isn’t it? We probably wouldn’t know each other much, if at all. Yeah, Dave!

  2. crap, i pressed enter too early on that last one. anyway, i’m happy your snowman is back! and geez, woman, are you ever going to have freetime again? i do…now that i’m two-thirds of the way done with my christmas shopping!! and now that i went to TOLO, i actually have some pics, so we could actually play, but no. you’re too busy. just kidding. i love you. anyway, we’ll have to plan that. happy snowmen! love ya much,

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