first date

so among other things today, we purchased our Christmas tree! it’s currently in the garage overnight in a bucket of water….. hopefully any spiders and icky, crawly things will creep out over the course of the night. we’re hoping to bring it into the house tomorrow, but we might not get to decorate it until tuesday night. it was rainy and icky today so instead of going to a tree farm, we pulled over by a little place next to a car wash and picked out our tree… took us all of 5 minutes. but that’s okay – we had so many other things to do! i cleaned the house (yep – almost the whole thing) yesterday in preparation for getting our tree. some of our christmas decorations are around the home now and soon it’ll REALLY look, feel and SMELL like Christmas in our home! i might try to wrap some presents tonight… after all, a tree looks too empty without any presents under it – and so many of them have to be mailed off to PA and NY this week!

in other news, i did (eventually) have time to be crafty and creative yesterday. i didn’t accomplish ALL that i wanted, but i did get a few more things completed for my design team kit… one more project to go and i got some input from dave on that one!  :)   i’ll post a photo or two soon, i promise.

tomorrow is our annual sonics game…. a reminder of our first date which was on 12/2/01… we’ve been to SO MANY sonics games since then, but it’s always a special treat to try to go to a game around the beginning of december… reminds us how it all got started….

dave earned two company seats for his hard work on a project. he had recently (like a week earlier) broken up with his long-distance girlfriend and he decided he wanted to take a date to the game… not his brother or one of the guys. so he stopped by our house one night and after a few hours finally said something about having tickets and asking if either of us wanted to go to the game. i think he had been waiting for christy to leave the room but she never did!  :)   i graciously offered the seat/ticket to christy who said "i hate basketball" and that left me… EAGER to go to a sonics game with GOOD seats! our date lasted for 11 hours (3 p.m. to 2 a.m.). it included the long drive to and from seattle, me learning that it was an actual "date" where the guy would pay for everything, the game (duh!), me trying to pick out one of the sonics dancers as dave’s "type," getting lost walking around seattle looking for a restaurant after the game (we did see a guy pick-up a hooker, though)!, a late dinner at a 24-hour diner (it was raining that night, too), a stop in fairhaven and then at boulevard park…. and hours and hours and hours of conversation and laughter. dave even got a kiss on the cheek at the end of the night.

two days later, he was back at my house to ask me to his company’s holiday party. and now it’s 5 years later.

i leave you with this thought: where would i be if dave had taken someone else to that game?

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