it feels so good to be creating again. and even though most of it is for the store, i’m enjoying it. i’m currently trying to finish up my sample for my mini album class (to be taught on 1/9 and 1/11)… the one with the deck of playing cards. it’s really cool and i’m having fun going through it. it’s a lot of work, though and there’s no way in heck these ladies are gonna finish up even the BASE of this book in a 90 minute class. oh well. it’ll be fun none-the-less! i also have to teach card classes this coming tuesday – but i don’t have the stamp yet to use. hmmm. guess this’ll be a last minute preparation deal? guess i’ll head to the store tomorrow (maybe?) to pick up some supplies. i know i’ll make the cards simple with "few parts" so the TOM girls don’t have to cut up so many little strips of paper! i was also notified tonight that my 3rd design team kit is finished/ready for me to pick up. seriously? i just turned one in! and this is our 3rd kit, which means we’re half-way finished with this already. wahhhhh. i wanna be on the DT forever!!  :)

okay. back to creating i go. i’ll post pictures (using my new camera i got for Christmas), i promise. maybe this weekend!

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