baking like a madwoman

yep. that’s exactly what i’m doing…. baking like a madwoman. after putting in a 44-hour work week (in 4 days), we ran a few errands on the way home. i think all Christmas presents are now purchased (dave finished up his shopping on the way home this evening) and most are wrapped. dave has even spent the past two nights wrapping my presents and adding them to the growing piles under and around the tree. sheesh. we have so many packages under there now…. what in the WORLD will it look like when we have children? i don’t dare to even imagine! 

but i digress…. one of our stops on the way home was the grocery store. so i now have everything i need to make christmas breakfast for dave and i and dinner for the whole family (8 of us this year). AND the remaining ingredients to make monster cookies. so since tomorrow is dave’s turn to bring TREATS to work for his team, i have been baking like crazy. last night was a batch of snickerdoodles. tonight was a batch of rice krispie treats and now a (very large) batch of monster cookies. i DID, however, think ahead. and i’m making the whole batch now, but will freeze some of the cookies to save for my birthday party in january. yep. that’s smart thinking. my batch of monster cookies makes 10-12 DOZEN cookies. yes. you read correctly. the first time i made the batch of cookies, i was so disgusted i gave away 95% of the cookies. i made them for my snack for a stampin’ up demonstration/party at my house. it took the WHOLE DARN DAY to make the cookies. so i packaged them up on paper plates and in ziplock bags and everyone who came to the party went home with a plate of cookies. ugh. i never wanted to see another monster cookie again! but i pulled the recipe back out for Christmas and thus, a tradition was born!

for those of you not familiar with monster cookies, they’re called MONSTER cookies b/c they’re LARGE and it’s like one giant "favorite" cookie all rolled into one. peanut butter. oatmeal. chocolate chip. m&ms. it’s all in there. and they are YUMMY.

i’ll try to add a photo tomorrow… i’m just too tired right now and i have to go make more cookies (aka: drop the dough onto the cookie sheet and bake them)!

2 thoughts on “baking like a madwoman

  1. yikes, woman! at least your getting in the holiday spirit. you’ve gotta admit, there’s something very christmas-y about cookies baking in the oven. and working your butt off to get them all done on time. hope they taste good. save some for me how bout? much love,

  2. I say it again, I am jealous! I will be hosting brunch for 10 adults and 2 babies on Christmas Eve, and can’t wait until my house smells all yummy and warm and cozy with things in the oven! Good thinking on the monster cookie dough- I’m all about the freezer. XOXO

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