we are now officially READY for Christmas to arrive. and it can’t come fast enough! last night, dave and i sat downstairs on the floor in front of our tree. we shook some of our presents, trying to guess what they were (are). we gave each other a bunch of hints and clues ("I got you something small" – "I got you something with thread"). we each have a few guesses as to what we’re receiving, though i don’t think we obtained any of our "ideas" from the clues we gave each other last night! we have a tradition of opening one present each on Christmas Eve. Then we open almost all of our presents on Christmas morning, though we tend to save one or two gifts to open at mom & dad’s house (we just cart ‘em all over there on Christmas morning along with the gifts for the family). It’s a fun tradition. Give me a minute and I’ll have some photos of all of our presents to show you!

As promised, here are some photos of the presents under our tree along with some other photos i’ve taken over the past week: Christmas presents, an ornament centerpiece "in process" and our Christmas cards ready to mail!

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