a night off

AHHHHH…. my first night "off" in a long, long time! what am i doing? nothing. yep. absolutely nothing. we stopped by dad & mom’s house to pick up our box of goodies from grandpa & grandma in ohio (milk chocolate covered pretzals for me and dark chocolate covered pretzals for dave) and we got an offer to stay for dinner…. so i didn’t even have to cook or clean up or anything like that! dave is working (from home) so maybe/hopefully we get our tree decorated tomorrow night. but this feels so good. sitting here on the couch, vegging out to the tv and surfing the Net (or the "interweb" as we like to call it) and i’m doing nothing. i love it. it feels so good.

how are your holiday plans coming along? i’m almost there. one present to finish making (waiting for dave to choose and print photos), christmas dinner to plan (along with the shopping list), table place cards (aka: mini ornaments) to make and one present to wrap (the one that hasn’t yet been completed)! i think that’s it. yep. seriously. it’s awesome. well, i haven’t done ANY holiday baking yet, so we might have to throw in some of that, too. but everything that remains to be done… is FUN. yep. i’ll be able to relax and enjoy it. how about you?

we may even go SNOW SHOEING this weekend! yippeeeeeee!!!!

One thought on “a night off

  1. well, my holiday plans are going quite nicely, thank you. i’m almost done shopping, just my mom and the boyfriend and i’ll be done. i’m very proud of myself. and i think that’s good that you’re that far along. hey, if i had to make 140 christmas cards, i probably wouldn’t be as far along as you. we need to get together sometime, kapeesh? well, i should go to bed. much love,

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