so thankful

as thanksgiving quickly approaches, i have been trying to focus on things for which i am thankful. i have a huge list. among them are the following:
my Abba Father for sending His Son to die for me so i could one day know eternity with Him
my husband who is my encourager, supporter, friend and reality check
my family who is far away but loves me anyway
my in laws who love me like one of their own
my friends – i have so many friends both near and far and of all ages – thank you for all you have done for me
my church – what an amazing body of believers who are willing to be real and vulnerable
my "grown up" job – i have my moments with it, but i do like what i do and i am thankful for it
my "fun" job – who wouldn’t love their fun job?! 
the miracle of birth – watching my friends have babies this past year has been a wild ride
special "praise God" for jenny and bobby and their twins (due in april)

i could keep going but i don’t want to bore you any longer. we’re heading to pennsylvania to see my family for the holiday weekend and mom only has dial-up connection, so i’ll be off-line for almost a week. happy thanksgiving to you and your families!

this photo is from 12/4/05 – our annual trek to a sonics home game in early december to celebrate our first date (which was 12/3/01):

3 thoughts on “so thankful

  1. Good luck with the airport, the childhood fave foods, and all. I hope you find many more reasons to be thankful in the next few days. Have fun!

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