so sad….

yesterday was a FUN day (for the most part). carrilee and i headed out on our shopping adventure to replensih her wardrobe after emptying it out last week. we found some GREAT deals and she got a TON of stuff. she still has some money left in her budget, too, to find the few items she needs and didn’t find yesterday. it felt good to be able to encourage her in her own choices, to see what does and doesn’t work on her body and to help her buy the RIGHT SIZE clothing (mediums, not larges)! and, of course, i picked up a few things for myself along the way. sigh. i was trying NOT to do that. but when you find a sweater for $12 that feels SO WARM AND COZY, fits well and screams "this was made for you!" i think you just HAVE to give in and take it home with you!  :)

my post title, though, "so sad…" refers to henry. we obviously haven’t done a good job teaching this kid how to shop because after about 5 hours, he was 100% FINISHED… SCREAMED in the car most of the way home. and we felt so bad because all he wanted was to get out and crawl around, look around and perhaps be held. it made us so sad to put him back in his carseat last night. we talked about how we understand the current rules for children and car seats but at the same time, sometimes all they want is to be held for a long, long time. but it was time to go home… we wish we could have had him sit up front with us in my lap. no worries… we didn’t even try it.

so to offset the tears of the cutest big guy (‘cuz he ain’t so little), here are two photos from henry’s bathtime adventure almost 2 weeks ago. i especially love the second photo…. he’s just SO CUTE when he smiles!!  :)

2 thoughts on “so sad….

  1. Ohh…i remember those long, screaming rides with Isaiah. You’re right. You do just feel awful. Love the pics of Henry. He’s such a handsome little man!

  2. Just wanted to say “Awesome Job” on your first design team projects!!! And thanks for getting Cami and I into the wonderful world of paper products (and parties). You’ve helped us find something we love to do together – and with you – that’s useful too! I love it that you have totally reduced my learning curve by pointing out cool (and affordable) “goodies” and releasing my inner artist. HaHa. I’m currently making a totally cool file folder book out of my new Magnolia papers and all the things I scribbled down at the museum. I’m calling it “Life and Art According to Rodin”. I can’t wait to complete it! God is so great to give us new friends that expose us to new, fun stuff! Love you.

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