yesterday was a great day off. i did a lot of cleaning in the house INCLUDING my pile of ironing (which i loathe). and becuase i did all that, i was able to PLAY guilt free later in the day. so i now have one set of cards for the Design Team completed AND i have completed the set of cards for my second card class (11/28). after running a few small errands this morning i can once again PLAY guilt free – including a set of cards and some layouts for the Design Team.

i do have to share that last night i got to baby sit little Emma (the cute chicken from my previous post) for about 90 minutes. bless her heart – she was SO TIRED and pretty cranky. she finally fell asleep in my arms for about 25 minutes and then woke up and unfortunately, she never fell back asleep and she was pretty miserable the whole time. just before daddy (justin) came to get her, she started passing gas like crazy – poor thing – i think she had an upset stomach and that’s what caused her to be so cranky. even though she cried most of the time she was over here, i still love that little girl. she’s just so cute and so much fun!

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