new friends

another thing for which i am TRULY thankful this year… new friends. and there are quite a few of them, NOT including all the babies!  :)   but here’s a picture of two very special people in my life. they offer hugs and smiles when i need them. they are fun, energetic and lively. we think the same way on so many things. i have convinced them to let the "artist out" and now they love to make cards and scrapbook. AND… one of the coolest things of all… they are a mother and daughter team. now tell me, what almost 15-year old do YOU know who calls her mom one of her best friends but is still a well-adjusted teen? there aren’t many of them out there, i tell you. but i am blessed to call Megan and Cameron Clay my friends. Thanks for a wonderful year, ladies! and Happy Thanksgiving… let’s have some more Megan/Cami/Tam time when I get back from Pennsylvania, okay?! 

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