lunch crew

this is my lunch crew. this photo was taken back in january when we all went out for lunch daily. it’s dave and his buddies from work. yep. i’m just "one of the gang." (i’m NOT one of the guys - and have no desire to be viewed that way). after our trip to kenya, the lunch crew kinda fell apart. people are saving lunch by not eating out as much. dave and i still go out almost every day. it’s weird, though. when it’s just the two of us for lunch now, i feel like someone’s missing. i like to interact with people and get involved in their lives. i liked talking with brent about lisa and the girls. i guess i tend to get a little lonely in my job. the flexibility is great and for YEARS i never knew what i was missing by eating my lunch at my desk everyday. but now…. now i know better. i still like eating out with just dave… but i like it when other people join us, too. i like getting to know dave’s buddies. i like having that in-person, mid-day connection with dave. some day i will REALLY miss this. so for now, even though i’m sad the lunch crew doesn’t always eat together, at least i always have dave… and sometimes the other guys.

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