yep. i was inspired by my adventure with carrilee and her closet last week (we cleaned it out and made a list so we can go shopping this weekend to get her some new clothing). so today was a REALLY windy day here (we’re talking LOTs of downed power lines) and no work for me at the office, so i stayed home and CLEANED OUT MY CLOSET. yep. it looks great. i got rid of two bags of clothing AND some shoes. it feels GREAT to walk in my closet and know what’s in there. to know what i own. to see what i DON’T need (just about everything). and to know that what has remained in my closet is stuff that fits well and still looks good on me and is still stylish enough to wear!

so what have you cleaned recently?

One thought on “inspired

  1. MY CRAFTROOM!! Still clean – several days now. And I’ve even used it to finish up some projects and start some more… but it is still clean and that feels great.

    Now if only my kitchen were as clean.

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