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more snow

much as i love the snow (we got about 6 more inches last night), i’m feeling very pale today and i’m really wishing it was summertime and that i was back in block island where this photo was taken:
That vacation was excellent – a week in the SUN, SAND and OCEAN with my family. and dave and i actually got… A TAN! go figure!! i do love this snow, though it’s a bit frustrating that as much as i like it, i also was hoping/planning to head to the office today to include a side trip to the scrapbook store to pick up supplies to make my cards for my next class… ON TUESDAY! sheesh! oh well. another day of writing a few reports from home never hurt anyone…. and since i got 12 hours in yesterday, i’m not gonna stress if i only get 4 or 5 today. maybe i’ll even return to my scraproom… haven’t been there in AGES! i started a mini album while we were in PA but i haven’t done anything with it – maybe i could work on that?! happy snow day to me!

forgot to mention that tim, carrilee and henry came by yesterday. tim & dave went out for lunch and clee, henry and i chilled here at home for a few hours. we did take henry out in the snow – he wasn’t impressed. i have a few cute photos of carrilee in the snow holding a very un-impressed henry – just have to find my battery charger so i can charge the battery and move the photos from camera to computer!

the long trip home

hopefully this week i’ll talk a bit more about our Thanksgiving trip and i’ll add some photos, but in the meantime, let me just say that we are SO THANKFUL to FINALLY be home! we landed in seattle w/o any problems despite the reports of "blizzard conditions" up north. long story short, we made it home around 1 p.m. today. it took the shuttle driver about 4 hours (instead of 2.5 hours) to get from Seattle to Bellingham and we had him drop us off one stop early – which was at a hotel, so we could sleep (we got into our room around 5:15 a.m.). ugh. it was a LONG LONG trip "home." Dad picked us up from Bellingham today and when he pulled in front of our home, here’s what we saw: Just a little bit of snow, eh?! But oh boy, does it feel good to be home again!  :)

new friends

another thing for which i am TRULY thankful this year… new friends. and there are quite a few of them, NOT including all the babies!  :)   but here’s a picture of two very special people in my life. they offer hugs and smiles when i need them. they are fun, energetic and lively. we think the same way on so many things. i have convinced them to let the "artist out" and now they love to make cards and scrapbook. AND… one of the coolest things of all… they are a mother and daughter team. now tell me, what almost 15-year old do YOU know who calls her mom one of her best friends but is still a well-adjusted teen? there aren’t many of them out there, i tell you. but i am blessed to call Megan and Cameron Clay my friends. Thanks for a wonderful year, ladies! and Happy Thanksgiving… let’s have some more Megan/Cami/Tam time when I get back from Pennsylvania, okay?! 

so thankful

as thanksgiving quickly approaches, i have been trying to focus on things for which i am thankful. i have a huge list. among them are the following:
my Abba Father for sending His Son to die for me so i could one day know eternity with Him
my husband who is my encourager, supporter, friend and reality check
my family who is far away but loves me anyway
my in laws who love me like one of their own
my friends – i have so many friends both near and far and of all ages – thank you for all you have done for me
my church – what an amazing body of believers who are willing to be real and vulnerable
my "grown up" job – i have my moments with it, but i do like what i do and i am thankful for it
my "fun" job – who wouldn’t love their fun job?! 
the miracle of birth – watching my friends have babies this past year has been a wild ride
special "praise God" for jenny and bobby and their twins (due in april)

i could keep going but i don’t want to bore you any longer. we’re heading to pennsylvania to see my family for the holiday weekend and mom only has dial-up connection, so i’ll be off-line for almost a week. happy thanksgiving to you and your families!

this photo is from 12/4/05 – our annual trek to a sonics home game in early december to celebrate our first date (which was 12/3/01):

so sad….

yesterday was a FUN day (for the most part). carrilee and i headed out on our shopping adventure to replensih her wardrobe after emptying it out last week. we found some GREAT deals and she got a TON of stuff. she still has some money left in her budget, too, to find the few items she needs and didn’t find yesterday. it felt good to be able to encourage her in her own choices, to see what does and doesn’t work on her body and to help her buy the RIGHT SIZE clothing (mediums, not larges)! and, of course, i picked up a few things for myself along the way. sigh. i was trying NOT to do that. but when you find a sweater for $12 that feels SO WARM AND COZY, fits well and screams "this was made for you!" i think you just HAVE to give in and take it home with you!  :)

my post title, though, "so sad…" refers to henry. we obviously haven’t done a good job teaching this kid how to shop because after about 5 hours, he was 100% FINISHED… SCREAMED in the car most of the way home. and we felt so bad because all he wanted was to get out and crawl around, look around and perhaps be held. it made us so sad to put him back in his carseat last night. we talked about how we understand the current rules for children and car seats but at the same time, sometimes all they want is to be held for a long, long time. but it was time to go home… we wish we could have had him sit up front with us in my lap. no worries… we didn’t even try it.

so to offset the tears of the cutest big guy (‘cuz he ain’t so little), here are two photos from henry’s bathtime adventure almost 2 weeks ago. i especially love the second photo…. he’s just SO CUTE when he smiles!!  :)

lunch crew

this is my lunch crew. this photo was taken back in january when we all went out for lunch daily. it’s dave and his buddies from work. yep. i’m just "one of the gang." (i’m NOT one of the guys - and have no desire to be viewed that way). after our trip to kenya, the lunch crew kinda fell apart. people are saving lunch by not eating out as much. dave and i still go out almost every day. it’s weird, though. when it’s just the two of us for lunch now, i feel like someone’s missing. i like to interact with people and get involved in their lives. i liked talking with brent about lisa and the girls. i guess i tend to get a little lonely in my job. the flexibility is great and for YEARS i never knew what i was missing by eating my lunch at my desk everyday. but now…. now i know better. i still like eating out with just dave… but i like it when other people join us, too. i like getting to know dave’s buddies. i like having that in-person, mid-day connection with dave. some day i will REALLY miss this. so for now, even though i’m sad the lunch crew doesn’t always eat together, at least i always have dave… and sometimes the other guys.


yep. i was inspired by my adventure with carrilee and her closet last week (we cleaned it out and made a list so we can go shopping this weekend to get her some new clothing). so today was a REALLY windy day here (we’re talking LOTs of downed power lines) and no work for me at the office, so i stayed home and CLEANED OUT MY CLOSET. yep. it looks great. i got rid of two bags of clothing AND some shoes. it feels GREAT to walk in my closet and know what’s in there. to know what i own. to see what i DON’T need (just about everything). and to know that what has remained in my closet is stuff that fits well and still looks good on me and is still stylish enough to wear!

so what have you cleaned recently?

Deal of the Year

okay… so i need a new title for this thread AND this project but that’ll come. for now, i’m just grateful i’ve had this AWESOME IDEA! i had this idea for a mini album recently so i sat down this weekend to work on it. and then today when i was at the local scrapbook store i was fortunate enough to be there with elizabeth (owner) AND stephanie (in charge of the mini book classes) so i showed them my idea…. AND THEY LOVED IT! they loved it SO MUCH that elizabeth sent stephanie straight to the store to get the "base" of the album (50 of them) and we’re gonna do the class in January (and they asked me to teach it)!!! WOOO HOOOOOOOO!!   so here it is…. my great invention involves a GIANT deck of cards (the ones we’re gonna use fot the class are even larger than the photos shown below), your paper scraps, some stickers and rubons, some binder rings and a few other goodies here and there….. introducing the mini album where you include one photo from each week in a year (making the book 52 pages long)……

pretty cool, eh?! i LOVE the idea. it’s a great way to use up your scraps and create a cool little album in the process! so the photo will go on the "card" part and any journaling (etc) will go on the paper scraps. i’ll add rub ons and stickers and some more scraps as i work on it, but i just HAD to share. it’s so cool and it totally MADE MY DAY when E and S said they both loved the idea AND they went out RIGHT AWAY to get the large cards. so cool and fun! actually, stephanie was planning to work on one tonight (after getting home from work)… that’s how excited she is about the idea. YIPPEE!

so i’ll have to make another sample to use for the store/class sample (one with the larger cards) but i think i’ll create it as a finished project using photos from this past year. it’ll be a good way to recap the year as it draws to a close.

with that, i’ll let you bask in the beauty of my little project. i love the idea. no idea if anyone has ever done it before, but i love it and am so thankful the idea popped into my brain!

Edited to Add:
CONGRATULATIONS to my dear friends Jenny & Bobby who are expecting TWINS! Jenny was my roommate in Israel (my first semester) and they’ve been trying for quite awhile… and now God is blessing them with TWINS! What an answer to prayer… I just wish they lived closer to me than southern California!  : )  Love you guys!

my happy place

once again i have so many things to report! on friday night we attended a birthday party for a one-year old… little emma had pigtails (first time i’ve seen her with those) and did NOT like being asked to make a mess of herself with her birthday cake. she seemed to have a fun time at the rest of the party, though!

on saturday after i had a fun day out with friends, dave and i had date night – dinner at the keg and the movie The Departed. we had an excellent night talking, laughing and killing time before the movie at rite aid (the one by sehome… GOOD TOY section)!

yesterday was a BUSY day. i was in the nursery for church and IT WAS CRAZY! cami (a 14-year old) and i were in the baby side of the nursery with 7 children… and 5 of them were high maintenance "please hold me and never put me down" children. they’re all SO CUTE but i was so hot and SO EXHAUSTED after an hour… i have a new found respect for mothers of multiple small children and my prayers are now "please Lord, don’t give me triplets!" but after church we had a potluck, pack and pray to fill our Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes. i LOVE wrapping the shoe boxes. And filling them with goodies. And praying over the boxes. What a blessing to be able to share a few toys, some candy and hygiene items with children around the world. I was SO EXCITED when i was shopping last week for all the "goodies" that we ended up packing FOUR boxes instead of the two we had planned. oops!

and finally… some photos of my scraproom, including my new custom-built stamp shelves made for my by my wonderful father-in-law and hung by my wonderful husband… those Dave Dunkins are really talented people!!  :) I love my scrap room – it makes me smile to see jars of colorful ribbon, baskets of colorful silk flowers, rows and rows of albums, stacks of colorful patterned paper and cardstock…. it’s a lot of stuff, but i love this room and rarely feel overwhelmed despite all the *stuff* crammed into that tiny space!
So here’s what you’re about to see -  1: shelves made by dad holding my mounted stamps and some other fun stuff   2: my shelf of unmounted stamps stored in CD cases  3: my basket of frequently used stickers, rub ons, etc.  4: my basket of pens


Carrilee sent me this photo earlier this week (or was it late last week)… I LOVE IT! Henry is eating a spoon WITHOUT any chocolate batter while I lick the whisk WITH chocolate batter.
Isn’t he SO DARLING?! I LOVE this little guy! I love that his eyes light up when he sees me. I love that Carrilee told me I’m one of the few people who has always been able to make him smile. I love that he is comfortable with me. I love that I get to see him so much. I love that I get to be a part of his life. I love you, Henry!