when it rains…

… it pours. yep. it really does. despite this horrific cold, i spent several hours yesterday helping with food prep for today’s Ladies’ Tea. Today i spent three hours on my feet running around in circles (but more like a total of 4.5 hours on my feet) with enough time to run home, change and head out the door again to a wedding reception. and soon here, we’ll be heading out to dinner and a movie with some friends. i’m completely exhausted. would love nothing more than to just stay home and sleep (i’d be fine with going to bed right now, i think) but we’ve been wanting to have dinner with these friends for a LONG time and it’s kinda a "now or never" thing (her parents are in town and can babysit). AND tomorrow i’m supposed to work in the church nursery. yep. when it rain, it pours. i couldn’t POSSIBLY have been sick two weekends ago when we had nothing going on and no plans?! that’s okay. i continue to state: better this weekend than next weekend.

One thought on “when it rains…

  1. Hey friend. Hope you feel better and that you had a great time with friends tonight! Wondering which friends you are hanging out with tonight! Don’t work in the nursery if you are sick! But that’s really neat that you are helping in the nursery! Miss you!!!!

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