update coming soon

wow. it’s been several days already, hasn’t it?! i attended a 27-hour crop this weekend and it was SO MUCH FUN! i was EXHAUSTED (only got 4-ish hours of sleep) but i had a great time, got quite a bit accomplished/completed and am thinking i MIGHT try to go to the next one (late february). sadly i didn’t take any photos… women were walking around in pjs the whole time, slippers, crazy hats (there was a crazy-hat contest), etc. melissa and i just couldn’t make it the full 27 hours… had we gotten a little more sleep, it might have been better, but by 7 p.m. on saturday night we were ready to head home. so we did. i slept for over 12 hours from saturday to sunday. yesterday was a belated family meal to celebrate rachel’s birthday so it was a family-filled day (relaxing, however, which was much needed) and then last night i finished up my cards for my first tuesday card class (a week from tomorrow). i’ll try to take a photo of the cards before i turn them in tonight. tonight i have my first design team meeting and i’ll also try to post a photo of the "goodies" i get to create some cards and a layout BEFORE i play with them… so i can show some BEFORE and AFTER photos. fun! fun! fun!

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