Saturday Bonfire

What would you do at a bonfire on Saturday night with some of your closest friends? The six of us (Brant & Trisha, Tim & Carrilee and Dave &I) had dinner and then went outside for a bonfire. It started out innocently enough. Fire. We even pulled out some hotdogs (as if dinner wasn’t enough?) and some s’mores fixins (mmmmm…. I love those gooey, chocolatey, tasty treats!). And the next thing I knew, Dave was grabbing his camera saying, "Brant’s gonna jump the fire." What happened in the 3 minutes I left to go to the bathroom? Apparently a lot! So for awhile we were entertained by Brant & Tim JUMPING OVER the fire. Then they called themselves "fire fairies" and they held hands and jumped through the flames together. Next it was Dave’s turn (which means I was the photographer so the photos aren’t as good). And then the boys decided the fire had to get EVEN BIGGER so they added MORE LUMBER, including a plank so then I RAN THROUGH the fire!!! Yep. Guess what? We even have photos to prove it. And I’m gonna share LOTS of them with you. WOO HOO!!   I can’t wait to scrapbook these wild (but kinda dark) photos!  Tim Jumps So I hope you’ve enjoyed this little peek into our Saturday night activities. It was a blast. And I laughed so hard that my stomach hurt (or was that too much brownie sundae for dessert?). Ahhh. the entertainment that a bonfire can provide. Tell me about your funniest bonfire experience!

One thought on “Saturday Bonfire

  1. When we were freshmen in college, Me, Leif, JD, Caleb, and Jessica went camping in Oklahoma. We slept outside the first night, all around the bonfire. We thought it was a good idea until Caleb rolled INTO the fire while he was sleeping!

    Those photos are great! Wish we lived closer…

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