i did it….

yep. i did it. i stopped at my local scrapbook store yesterday and dropped off my design team entries and application. carly (manager) looked through my stuff. she is SO EXCITED to play "the game" and to hopefully win a "prize" (aka: candy bar). she loved my cards as well and my layouts. she also told me that i was the first person to turn in anything…. that’s gotta count for something, right?!  whew. at least it’s over. now the waiting and finger-tapping commence!

2 thoughts on “i did it….

  1. Oh my gosh Tam. That is such an amazing feeling- excited and nervous and anxious and relieved all at the same time! Congrats- you’re done and now it is completely out of your hands and in God’s. I can’t wait to hear how it goes. Do they have a day when they are announcing who made it? When I did there was no date, so it was nice not waiting around on a particular day and nibbling my nails all day. You know if I was on staff there my vote would be in your box!

  2. Hey Kels! Applications and Entries are due on the 15th. Decisions will be announced on (by?) the 25th. Egads! I’m pretty “chill” about it (for now) and I did add some BRIBERY to sweeten the deal (candy bars? c’mon… who doesn’t like candy bars?)

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