groggy & moms

came home from work early today. took a nap (2 hours) and have been groggy ever since. i hate that feeling. but i really needed the sleep (obviously?!). i keep forgetting that i’m getting older and it’s getting harder and harder to do things like stay up past midnight, sleep on a mat on the floor (while trying to sleep through train "whistles"), shop all day expecting not to have sore feet later…. you get the idea. i LOVED my girls weekend… i guess i just should have allowed myself a nap yesterday afternoon so i wouldn’t have needed one tonight!

ETA (edited to add) a totally unrelated subject: why do females FEAR turning into their mothers? for 99% of us, we have awesome mothers with excellent qualities – things we should WANT for ourselves. it must be that when we say we don’t want to become our mothers we think of their qualities, traits, habits we DON’T want to repeat. but that’s not always true, either. hmmm. when i was little, my mom ALWAYS put my hair into pigtails…. she once said they were her favorite and i looked so cute in them. as a teenager, i swore i’d NEVER do my child’s hair in pigtails. NEVER. that was in the 80s when french braids were so popular. but now, i see photos of little girls in pigtails (myself included) and i LOVE the way they look. it makes me want to have a cute little girl so much so i can put her hair in pigtails all the time! though i must admit that if/when we have a daughter, if she takes after me, her head will be pretty much bald/devoid of hair for a long, long time, so it’ll take a couple of years before there’s anything to put into pigtails anyway!!  : )   so mom, if you’re reading this, i guess you were right. pigtails ARE the cutest things on little girls… and someday i hope to have a daughter who has enough hair to wear pigtails!!  i guess i am becoming my mom. and it’s not all bad!!

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