girl time

yep. i had some girl time with my sister in law this weekend. i headed down to kent yesterday, spent the night and came home late this evening. we had a lot of fun – and quite an adventure. here are the highlights:
    *took me 3 hours to get there (should’ve been 2 hrs & 15 min – traffic was awful)
    *walked down the street (4 or 5 blocks) to a little "mall" area (complete with movie theater) for        
    dinner at Panera – YUM! great conversation
    *PSE guy showed up at 11:30 p.m. to fix her heater (we’ were in our pjs)
    *just before midnight we heard a car alarm – rachel’s car was broken into (shattered a back    
    *SHOPPING today! – The Scrapbook Nook, Ikea and the Southcenter Mall (Aunt MaryLou would
    be proud of me… I kept the economy going, that’s for sure, but I brought home a BUNCH of
    *made it home in TWO HOURS FLAT!!
awesome weekend. was so much fun. so glad i went. but also glad to be home in a real bed! g’night!

2 thoughts on “girl time

  1. The Scrapbook Nook was the first place I ever scrapbooked and shopped! How funny! It’s a cute store.. but not TOM! WIll you send me Rachel’s contact info? We would love to see her sometime. Don’t you love Panera? Yummy! Miss you!

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