first kit & new shoes!

hey hey everybody! in between answering the door for trick or treaters tonight, i took photos of some of my new goodies! the first is my FIRST KIT from the store for the Design Team. I get to keep ALL of the items in that first picture – even the two stamps! The second photo is of stamps I have to use for store samples (cards) but I have to return the stamps with my samples. I can’t wait to see what I create with all of these goodies! Would you believe that with ALL OF THAT PAPER I’ve only been asked to make the following: a set of cards using one line of paper with the wood stamps and one layout and one set of cards with the other line of paper and goodies. That’s it – one layout and about 6-8 cards! The third photo is of some DARLING new shoes I bought last night at Kohl’s (it just opened earlier this month in Bellingham)… I got them for less than $25 and I LOVE them…. even Dave thinks they’re cute! I also bought some sexy boots but they "flop" over when they aren’t on my feet/legs, so they’re kinda hard to photograph! Happy Halloween to all of you!! 

3 thoughts on “first kit & new shoes!

  1. Very cute shoes, and… what a lovely assortment of scrap products, too :) Aren’t you supposed to put something in boots anyway, so they don’t get permanent creases? I think I heard newpaper, because it absorbs. Not that you have odor to absorb…!

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