busy crafting

sorry for no posts this week! i’ve been busy in my craft room creating items for my local store’s design team application. i finally finished ALL my projects for that… unless i decide not to use one or two of them. i posted my layouts (2) and cards (7 – gotta narrow it down to just a few) to twopeas and have one other special project that i’ve been working on. I’m hoping DAVE will take photos of that special project and then i’ll post them here rather than on twopeas…. but even if he doesn’t take the photos, I will. TODAY!! 

I’m totally in shock that it’s ALREADY OCTOBER? where the HECK has the time gone? I hate that as an adult i feel like i talk about the passing of time all too often but it really does zip by in the blink of an eye. at least that’s what it feels like. sheesh.

One thought on “busy crafting

  1. Posted some comments on 2peas! Love your new stuff. Glad to hear you have been in the creative spirit! Wanna send some my way? Love you!

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