a stalker?

i want to know… when did i become a stalker? i’ve known for months that i’m an e-mail stalker (especially when i’m at work) but for the past THREE DAYS i’ve been calling my local scrapbook store asking if they’ve opened a delivery box yet? why? because i am HOPING that box contains the ONE PRODUCT i’ve been waiting for since this summer…. and it’s just a silly little stamp for under $6. but i’ve been stalking them because I MUST HAVE IT. and i KNOW that the one i want will be the first one to SELL OUT… so i want to make sure i get it now so i don’t have to wait any longer (and yes, i still have some gift certificate money to spend at the store so it’s still "okay" for the "spending freeze" i’m on). MUST HAVE IT!!!  sheesh! what’s wrong with me?! it’s like a HORRIBLE addiction… must have all the new goodies…. as if i don’t have enough at home already?!

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