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first kit & new shoes!

hey hey everybody! in between answering the door for trick or treaters tonight, i took photos of some of my new goodies! the first is my FIRST KIT from the store for the Design Team. I get to keep ALL of the items in that first picture – even the two stamps! The second photo is of stamps I have to use for store samples (cards) but I have to return the stamps with my samples. I can’t wait to see what I create with all of these goodies! Would you believe that with ALL OF THAT PAPER I’ve only been asked to make the following: a set of cards using one line of paper with the wood stamps and one layout and one set of cards with the other line of paper and goodies. That’s it – one layout and about 6-8 cards! The third photo is of some DARLING new shoes I bought last night at Kohl’s (it just opened earlier this month in Bellingham)… I got them for less than $25 and I LOVE them…. even Dave thinks they’re cute! I also bought some sexy boots but they "flop" over when they aren’t on my feet/legs, so they’re kinda hard to photograph! Happy Halloween to all of you!! 

update coming soon

wow. it’s been several days already, hasn’t it?! i attended a 27-hour crop this weekend and it was SO MUCH FUN! i was EXHAUSTED (only got 4-ish hours of sleep) but i had a great time, got quite a bit accomplished/completed and am thinking i MIGHT try to go to the next one (late february). sadly i didn’t take any photos… women were walking around in pjs the whole time, slippers, crazy hats (there was a crazy-hat contest), etc. melissa and i just couldn’t make it the full 27 hours… had we gotten a little more sleep, it might have been better, but by 7 p.m. on saturday night we were ready to head home. so we did. i slept for over 12 hours from saturday to sunday. yesterday was a belated family meal to celebrate rachel’s birthday so it was a family-filled day (relaxing, however, which was much needed) and then last night i finished up my cards for my first tuesday card class (a week from tomorrow). i’ll try to take a photo of the cards before i turn them in tonight. tonight i have my first design team meeting and i’ll also try to post a photo of the "goodies" i get to create some cards and a layout BEFORE i play with them… so i can show some BEFORE and AFTER photos. fun! fun! fun!

teacher & dt member

I LOVE THIS STORE! Today I learned that I am one of the new Design Team members (the stamp specialist). AND that I am the newest Tuesday Card Class Teacher. Starting on 11/7 or 11/14 I will be teaching three card  classes 2 times a month. YIPPEE!!!! It’s true. It’s for real. I get to do a little bit of what I love for pay and for product. I’m so excited! And completely THANKFUL and GRATEFUL for this opportunity. **** On the way home from work today, Dave and I were talking about how ironic this is, though. It’s ironic because I got into card making and stamping only as a way to use up my "leftover" supplies from scrapbooking. And yet, the way I’m getting my foot in the door (into the industry) is by making cards. Crazy.

weekend at a glance

so despite my lovely cold (thanks again to dave – who got it from tim – who got it from carrilee & henry – who got it from the church nursery….) i was a BUSY lady this weekend. i helped prepare for the ladies’ tea on friday and then we went to a "what is it?" party. saturday was chaos in the kitchen for the ladies’ tea then a wedding reception (the wedding was a few weeks ago in California) and then dinner & a movie with tim & carrilee… and sunday was the upper room. so  here are a few fun photos so you can see what my weekend was like:
what you have here are baby cheesecakes (near) and cupcakes (far) – and i frosted HALF of those cupcakes!; stuffed tomatos and the start of some bulk fruit salad
  Here are Brant & Trisha Baron opening the pieces of paper with everyone guess regarding BOY? or GIRL? it’s a boy, by the way – and dave and i guessed correctly… congratulations to brant & trisha… just a few more months ’til sleepless nights and a beautiful baby to love and hold and cuddle and cherish!
  some of the kitchen help . at the end of the event we were ALL worn out!
  one of the tables at the tea before it started – as you can see, this is a BIG DEAL! this is one of the two biggest ladies’ events of the year and it’s reallly an outreach tool to invite non-believers.

And tonight I made some cards to try out for a Tuesday Card Class Teacher spot open at my local scrapbook store. So do you think these cards are innovative enough?

when it rains…

… it pours. yep. it really does. despite this horrific cold, i spent several hours yesterday helping with food prep for today’s Ladies’ Tea. Today i spent three hours on my feet running around in circles (but more like a total of 4.5 hours on my feet) with enough time to run home, change and head out the door again to a wedding reception. and soon here, we’ll be heading out to dinner and a movie with some friends. i’m completely exhausted. would love nothing more than to just stay home and sleep (i’d be fine with going to bed right now, i think) but we’ve been wanting to have dinner with these friends for a LONG time and it’s kinda a "now or never" thing (her parents are in town and can babysit). AND tomorrow i’m supposed to work in the church nursery. yep. when it rain, it pours. i couldn’t POSSIBLY have been sick two weekends ago when we had nothing going on and no plans?! that’s okay. i continue to state: better this weekend than next weekend.

being sick bites

yes, my friend, being sick TOTALLY bites. i stayed home from work on wednesday with a very sore throat. for me, that usually leads to a knock down, drag out cold. so sure enough, yesterday i felt achy, tired and as the day wore on, i got a lot worse. i did go to work, but headed home early. dave caught a ride home later with a friend and was surprised at how awful i sounded by the time he got home. i HATE this time of year. i HATE being sick. i hate when dave is sick. i hate when my friends are sick. i hate these darn colds. i hate blowing my nose every 30 seconds. i hate having watery eyes and a red, chapped nose and breathing through my mouth…. yuck!

so that’s me today… and likely all weekend. i was supposed to help out in the kitchen today and tomorrow for a church function, but at this rate, it’s not gonna happen…. can you imagine ME working around FOOD with the above complaints? i’d share my germs with far too many people! and tonight is a "reveal" party for our friends (today they find out if they’re having a boy or girl and there’s a party tonight to celebrate) and tomorrow is supposed to be dinner & a movie with friends (i honestly do NOT remember the last time dave and i went to a movie at a movie theater…. LONG time ago…)… and yet i have this *mess.* ugh. i hope i feel better soon. i want to do at least a FEW fun things this weekend.

here’s to a speedy recovery for me.

ETA: i just took a "what flower are you test?" (bear with me – I’m bored). it was kinda hard to answer the questions, but i think the result is pretty much "me."
***You Are a Yellow Flower***

A yellow flower tends to represent joy, friendship, and playfulness.
At times, you are childlike, as a buttercup is.
And at other times, you are fickle, like a dahlia.
And more than you wish, you tend to feel bittersweet, like a marigold.

What Color Flower Are You?

It’s About Time

It’s About Time is the name of this particular stamp set that I purchased recently. Elizabeth wanted to see them, so I stamped each image in my teal Staz On ink pad… which is VERY WET with ink, so some of the images are a little less than crisp, but you get the idea:
  I haven’t played with them much yet. I did use them on a layout today, but I’m looking forward to getting a lot of use out of these. I plan to make some of my very own "ghost" clocks with these stamps, some transparencies, some Staz On ink and my circle punches! I think this is a classic set that will become well loved… and all for only $9!!!

Additionally, here’s a layout I created yesterday. The journaling is about my nieces and that when I look at this photo, I see them as a strong unit always there for each other. They’re the only consistency they have (parents are divorced and each have married again and the girls go back and forth between the two homes regularly). I love the way this one turned out – kinda artsy. 


it was at this time of the year, NINE years ago, that i backpacked through europe for about 10 days with two guys (during fall break from my one semester of grauate work in israel). i’m slowly working on getting those OLD photos copied from negatives to cds so i can play with them and re-scrap them (as if i don’t have enough fun projects to scrap already?!) but here are two of my favorite photos from my adventure in paris:

groggy & moms

came home from work early today. took a nap (2 hours) and have been groggy ever since. i hate that feeling. but i really needed the sleep (obviously?!). i keep forgetting that i’m getting older and it’s getting harder and harder to do things like stay up past midnight, sleep on a mat on the floor (while trying to sleep through train "whistles"), shop all day expecting not to have sore feet later…. you get the idea. i LOVED my girls weekend… i guess i just should have allowed myself a nap yesterday afternoon so i wouldn’t have needed one tonight!

ETA (edited to add) a totally unrelated subject: why do females FEAR turning into their mothers? for 99% of us, we have awesome mothers with excellent qualities – things we should WANT for ourselves. it must be that when we say we don’t want to become our mothers we think of their qualities, traits, habits we DON’T want to repeat. but that’s not always true, either. hmmm. when i was little, my mom ALWAYS put my hair into pigtails…. she once said they were her favorite and i looked so cute in them. as a teenager, i swore i’d NEVER do my child’s hair in pigtails. NEVER. that was in the 80s when french braids were so popular. but now, i see photos of little girls in pigtails (myself included) and i LOVE the way they look. it makes me want to have a cute little girl so much so i can put her hair in pigtails all the time! though i must admit that if/when we have a daughter, if she takes after me, her head will be pretty much bald/devoid of hair for a long, long time, so it’ll take a couple of years before there’s anything to put into pigtails anyway!!  : )   so mom, if you’re reading this, i guess you were right. pigtails ARE the cutest things on little girls… and someday i hope to have a daughter who has enough hair to wear pigtails!!  i guess i am becoming my mom. and it’s not all bad!!

girl time

yep. i had some girl time with my sister in law this weekend. i headed down to kent yesterday, spent the night and came home late this evening. we had a lot of fun – and quite an adventure. here are the highlights:
    *took me 3 hours to get there (should’ve been 2 hrs & 15 min – traffic was awful)
    *walked down the street (4 or 5 blocks) to a little "mall" area (complete with movie theater) for        
    dinner at Panera – YUM! great conversation
    *PSE guy showed up at 11:30 p.m. to fix her heater (we’ were in our pjs)
    *just before midnight we heard a car alarm – rachel’s car was broken into (shattered a back    
    *SHOPPING today! – The Scrapbook Nook, Ikea and the Southcenter Mall (Aunt MaryLou would
    be proud of me… I kept the economy going, that’s for sure, but I brought home a BUNCH of
    *made it home in TWO HOURS FLAT!!
awesome weekend. was so much fun. so glad i went. but also glad to be home in a real bed! g’night!